Getting into GGX2

I’m getting into GGX2 and needed some tips and stuff. I really wanna learn Dizzy and/or Sol BadGuy. Some tips might help and will be appreciated. Thanks.

I shall dispense advice about characters I don’t even play!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, learning both would be a great choice. They both offer damage, mobility, rushdown, etc. Dizzy is damn good at turtling too, and she can beat almost anybody in the air thanks to j.HS (THE CLAW!!!).

Dizzy’s projectiles give her a lot of options, both defensively and offensively. You can throw out a fish, bubble, or Ice Spike FRC to stop them cold when they try to rush, and the fish give her an extra level of safety when rushing down as they have to take care of it if they want to hit you. She’s also got a double air dash, giving you great options when it comes to cross-ups and punishment. Like, you can instant air back-dash to make them whiff, then dash again into combo.

Dizzy can also work a strong tick->throw game, 'cause her throw range is so huge. She’s also got a dust that’s kinda hard to read (faster in #R, hehe).

As for Sol, well, there’s not much I can say about him that isn’t obvious in vids, but that’s just the basic stuff. He’s mostly about pressure and just kinda smashing through anything the opponent does. In the long run, though, he can be a little difficult, as you need to be able to maximize damage off of just about any hit. 'course it’s something he’s very good at.

Both are solid tournament characters, thanks to their overall safety and good damage.

This is great! Dizzy and Sol are the two that I mostly use. Anyway, down to the tips.

Sol is a great pickup since he’s very versatile and it doesn’t take much to get the hang of him. He’s got enough range to play safe, but mostly he’s an in close fighter. His Volcanic Viper (dp+S or HS) is a great anti-air, and wake-up move as long as you use the weak version. I’ve always abused the tick->throw or block stun-to-throw with his command grab. He strong overall, but make sure to keep pressure on your oppenent

I mainly use Dizzy and I’ve learned a few things playing some of my friends.

Make sure you know which projectile you want to throw. I’ve had many times where I’ve been punished for throwing out
a bubble instead of a spear. She a good poker, and her c.K can be comboed:

c.K -> s.S -> f+P -> c.HS -> Ice Spike

After that, she can FRC the Ice Spike into another c.HS -> Ice Spike, or an air combo. It may take some pracitice, but once you get the hang of it, it can do 40-60% damage for 7 hits. Also, her Claw (j.HS) owns just about anything, so learn to use that as a main jumping weapon.

I hope this helped some.

if you learn sol, youll probably want to stop using dizzy as much… the volcanic viper is addicting

thank for the comments so far guys:D

Always the same characters! =p

Random Sol tips:

Your most important normals are standing Kick, standing HardSlash, crouching Kick, crouching Slash, crouching Dust (sweep), and forward+Punch.

Whenever you’re near your opponent, pressing standing Kick is a good idea generally. Fastest normal in the game and you have a bunch of different options from it on hit or block (it also makes good anti-air due to the angle and the fact that you can jump cancel and go into an air combo). Outside of the corner, do K-S©-crouch D (on hit, Bandit Revolver, on block, do Gun Flame, or Bandit Revolver if you think they’ll jump). In corner, do K-S©-forward+P, wait and then do another stand K and go into a combo (usually a Dust loop).

Crouching Dust (hereafter called sweep) is awesome. It crouches VERY low, avoiding a lot of different moves. It’ll land counterhit a lot, which lets you combo into a Gun Flame, FRC and then continue to combo. Otherwise it’s free knockdown, which is always good.

Crouch Kick is good, decent range and speed, chain to sweep (midscreen) or forward+Punch (corner) on hit or block. If sweep hits, Bandit Revolver. If forward+Punch hits, Gun Flame, FRC and combo. Crouch Kick is also safe on block.

Crouch Slash leaves you at advantage on block. Use it in your strings to give you an opportunity to mix up and keep pressure on. If you’re close enough, you can link a stand Kick afterwards.

Forward+Punch is used for two purposes: it starts easy juggle combos in the corner and it has pretty good priority. When you use it midscreen, you’re trying to get a counter hit so you can continue to combo. At certain ranges, you can combo into a Bandit Bringer after a counterhit forward+Punch (dash forward and combo off of the Bandit Bringer). You also might be able to get a Gun Flame; in this case, FRC and continue to combo. In the corner you should always include forward+Punch in your strings: if it hits, wait for them to bounce off the wall and then tack on a stand Kick to continue the combo.

Stand HardSlash is a little difficult to use due to its slow speed, but it has great range. On counterhit, this move presents awesome combos; depending on range, you can get a free Gun Flame afterwards, just FRC it and continue your combo. You can also combo a Bandit Bringer off of it if you get a counter hit on a croucher. Range plus priority make this move a winner, just make sure you always cancel it into something. On block, cancel to a Gun Flame or Bandit Revolver. If you’re unsure of what to do, you can jump cancel into a backwards jump and go from there.

You should almost always use HS version. The reasons are simple: the additional attack almost never connects after S version unless you do it in the air, and the HS version will travel farther from a dash, leaving you a little safer. If you’re going to use S version, make sure you have meter to RC it, because otherwise you’re going to get hurt. Then again, I almost never use the move unless I have meter to RC, so go figure. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is misleading. Properly played Sol will space and try for mixups instead of running at the opponent and hoping to just outprioritize anything they do. He’s definitely an offensive character, but just running around and abusing your high priority moves will not get you very far. What makes him “difficult” to play is that he’s quite linear. There is nothing overly tricky about him, so the player has to make him tricky. You have to utilize all the dirtiness you know to scare your opponent, then once they’re scared you can play a bit more easily.

More later if I feel like it.

hrm more random sol stuff.

i would recommend getting into the habbit and start using 2k instead just regular kick, or youll have a headache when you fight faust or people that can crouch under his standing kick.

i think the major point of his game is to pressure the person into takin ga volcanic viper, like just run in 2p 2p 2p delay it whatever… and eventually when you feel they want to out poke you you do the volcanic viper. the goal is you want to make the feel sooo paranoid of the volcanic viper they you get the oppertunity to just run and throw and go for the dust loop blah blah blah.

try not to do a bandit revolver after a blocked string if the spacing isnt right you can get tossed

for sol a lot of shit was given so have a look at old threads including the name of sol badguy…
even if i don’t like him cause he’s abusive,he’s maybe easier to play for the beginners.

as for dizzy i don’t play her at all.
all i can say is that you can pressure your opponent after have sent 1 or 2 projectiles

basicly ggxx consits in cover yourself the most possible and then attack wiyh a game of high/low/throw game.
as soon as you knocked your opponent down send a projectole and pressure him with ducking attacks,alternate with throw and dust.
the 2d is a good counter attack and goes really far.the 2s is exellent as anti air.
good luck!

Dizzy’s a bit complicated so some experience in the game in general is required.

I suggest you start out with Sol.

well, from what i can tell, BoF ripped everything i was gonna say so… yeah read what he said… random command grabs into dloop or air combos, and dloop in the corner…

So’s your mom.

2K is good, but in certain situations you should definitely do 5K instead. Range matters as well as what you’re trying to accomplish.

Sheesh, no. Volcanic Viper should never be the central point of your game. It’s a risky move and the reward varies wildly. This attitude is what gives Sol players a bad name. Well-played Sol will only VV at key points:

  1. Occasionally on wakeup to stop pressure games.
  2. In combos to initiate a knockdown.
  3. Occasionally in your footsie game to scare people. Unlike what you said above, this doesn’t mean it should be the main scare factor in your offense (he’s got plenty of other moves that can fill this role and are safer, plus they pay off more). Just every once in a while to keep them on their toes, and generally only against opponents who can out-poke you. It’s also smart to almost always have 50% meter backing you so you can RC. RCing the first hit of the VV presents a great mixup opportunity if it’s blocked and insane damage if it hits.

Bandit Revolver is relatively safe when properly spaced. In most cases you can just jump away from the throw attempt and throw out one of your good jumping normals to discourage people pursuing you. Only if you’re very close (or if they instant block) will your opponent get a guaranteed throw.

That’s besides the point, though. The reason you use Bandit Revolver is because after a while, people will get used to you throwing Gun Flames after strings and they’ll just jump. Naturally you can FRC the Gun Flame if you have meter, but even then the best you can get is a short aircombo that they can probably block anyway or an airthrow. If you don’t cancel (because you don’t have meter or you messed up the timing or whatever your reason), you can get seriously hurt. Easy example is Sol-Ky. Sol does blocked string, cancels to GF, Ky jumps back and then airdashes forward over the Flame, then tags Sol in the head with a HS, which will be counterhit. Think about how bad this will be if he fights someone like Slayer, who gets free combos on you from CH jump ins that do stupid damage. Sol gets screwed just for throwing a Gun Flame. And FRCing Gun Flames just so you can be safe from this sort of inane crap is a waste of meter; you want your pressure to count for something, which is why saving your FRCs for wakeup pressure is generally a good idea. So what do you do if you think your opponent will jump? Bandit Revolver. If they jump thinking you’ll Gun Flame and don’t think to FD, you’ll get a free knockdown on them. If they DO FD, you’ll be quite safe and you might even be able to continue your offense. And if your spacing was proper, you’ll be safe EVEN if they didn’t jump and blocked on the ground. And you didn’t have to spend any meter. Sounds good to me.

What would be an easy Sol jump install combo?

Don’t quote me on this but I don’t think Sol needs many JI combos

Teh agreed. JI is mostly not needed. Though you can easily do JI combos like this:

K-S©(JI)-2D -> Bandit Revolver, RC, do whatever.

That’s where the most common ones come from. It’s pretty easy, but since JIing takes away any dash momentum, some combos will be harder to do.

i love one really far reaching setup for his JI…

5K -> JI -> 2D -> 236K -> RC second hit, ad.P-K-D, land, dashing j.K-D -> JC, falling j.S-D -> loop or the rest.

a bandit revolver = 6p to the face by may

I’ve seen it happen, and IBing the revolver should be second nature to any decent player.

You can JI and RC for some uber mixup options though:

5K -> JI -> 2D -> 236K(2hits) -> RC…
and then do one of the following:

  • land, 2K
  • ad.P-K-D
  • land, wild throw (or land 2P -> wild throw)

Proper spacing and mixups reduce the chances of getting countered, and nobody’s going to IB every single time. I already said that’s beside the point though.