Getting into KOF Series

Hi to all, i’ve recently discover this fighting game and it is impressive as characters, music etc(i prefer them over Street Fighter). However i’m not really getting into it. I’ve come from f. games like Tekken or Mortal Kombat.
The CPU here is too strong (for me) even on normal.
How should i proceed? (I Have kof 98,2002 and XIII)
Thanks in advance

This vid will catch you up with the basics super fast:

Welcome to SRK

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Thank you, It is a great tutorial and I’ve already seen it. However i’m still having difficulties. I don’t know how to explain. Probably it’s just me

Are you having difficulties with combos, navigsting the middle of the screen?

We need a little bit more info in order to help.

Basically with everything. Also i have problem with doing combos. I mean it’s not like Mortal Kombat where you have strings, so i don’t know how to proceed. Anyway Thanks for your patience.
(Also how i suppose to choose a character?)

Most combos in 98 n most kofs start with sp, lp, special move like Terrys combo in 98 is sp,lp half circle forward into rising tackle