Getting Into MvC2

I play Super Smash Bros. Melee Competitively. I’m the leader of the infamous I.H.N.C. Crew, one of the top crews out there. I’m a NY/NJ player, and I’m also trying to get other smashers to play.

I’m picking up secondary fighting games. I’m Picking up MvC2, 3s, And maybe GG.

In these games I’m not a complete n00b, I know all of the basics and how to combo pretty well. I want to learn the advanced techs (Cancels?) but I don’t know what they are or how to learn them.

I’m trying to play Magneto Storm and Sentenal. But I can’t seem to get my feet off of the ground.

Can you give me any help or suggestions?

Thank You for your time. :smile:

Don’t play Magneto yet. He’s completely not begginer friendly.

Here’s some quick basics. I’ll post more in depth stuff later. (this is going to be half assed. I’m at work)

Learn what makes a team effective and Mess around with characters that you like, regardless of thier spot on the tier list.

Learning to build an effective team means thinking of good Delayed Hyper combos (DHC), using an asisst to make up for a characters weakenesses or add to thier positive sides. For example Strom with Cyke AAA. Cyke hits, Storm gets a free super.

Basic stuff:

NO MERCY. The match is NOT over until the game says “KO!”. Do not relax until the match is over.

LEARN TO BLOCK OR DIE: I hope this isn’t insulting, but seriously. Marvel may seem like an offense based game but it really isn’t. The guy who blocks and defends the best is the guy who will win. This also includes rolling and using the counter.

Do not call out your assits like a spaztic retard: Doing this will get your team killed before they even get to be on point. Use them when the time is right. If they fail, work on learning to protect them. Basic way: if an asisst is in a position to be punished, try moving to the other side of your oppoent so that thier back is now facing your asisst.

Do not abuse the super jump: Seriously, I see alot of scrubs do this for no reason. Use it when the time is right.

Do not be random or play systematically. Doing something over and over even though it’s not working will get you killed. Doing something completely out of nowhere for no good reason will get you killed.

A team I reccomend using that’s good but begginer friendly:

Cable (because he’s a cheap bastard)AAA/ Sentinel (really has no sseriously weaknesses when played right. Makes ANY team better) ground/ and cyke or capcom AAA.

With cable: Run away. Space. shoot. throw grenades to keep them away. It’ll drives newbies insane. Use Capcom/cyke to keep rushers off of you. Pushblock ALOT when the enemy gets close. You don’t even need to walk forward with this guy. Learn to AHVB.

With Sentinel: No need to try a bunch of fancy fly-unfly combos or stomp rush downs. Just play keepaway, and learn to kill them with HSF (hyper sentinel force). Rocket Punch (RP) combos directly into it and sentinel recovers BEFORE the super is done. Meaning he can s. HP and do it again. Sick, effective, and really simple.

With cyke: cyke is a really good character. He has godly priority on his j. HP and j. HK. He also has a fantastic AA move that beats out alot of things. He builds meter sickingly fast. (with j. hk) and overall isn’t THAT hard to use. Lk., Hk, Hk, cyke kick, Super optic blast. Really simple combo and can teach you to learn SOB consistantly.

Thank you. What are the advanced techs like canceling and everything? And some things like SOB AHVB I didnt understand. And so your telling me to play Cable/Sentinal/Cyclops? And im not really going with magneto for tiers I actually like him and hes fun to play with. And what is

The first post explains the abreviations for ahvb and

Yea I partially knew about abbreviations but yea I read it over and now im good to go.

Canceling doesn’t just to play to marvel. Canceling is a universal fighting game term. Basically, some moves cancel the recovery of others in order to make combos.

EXAMPLE: The normal optic blast can be super canceled (basically canceling a move with a super) by the super optic blast. (Or the SOB) It connects and combos. Try it.

Canceling isn’t really advanced…at all. very basic stuff there.

Well, if you insist on playing mags, you’re going to die (trust me). But here’s a few need to know things with him.

Rushdown. RUSH THAT SHIT DOWN. Magneto is about the fastest character in the game and his combo tree is HUGE.

  1. AIRDASH. IN ALL DIRECTIONS. Magneto would not be top tier if not for this.

Why airdash?

Triangle jump: When you super jump and quickly air-dash (immediatly) back to the ground at an angle it’s called a triangle jump. All attacks during the dash back to the ground count as overheads (attacks that MUST be blocked high) so if they’re crouching and blocking, they can get hit by this attack. Why this is such a good tactic is that usually, couching and blocking low is safe against everything but throws. Therefore, alot of players tend to block low when getting pressured. Add triangle jumps to a mix-up and you will drill someones defense.

Pursuit: use it to basically stay in your opponents face. Magneto can keep rushing in the air because of this!

Combos: the best EASY example I can give you is this: while doing and air combo, do the standard magic series (lp, lk, lp, lk) then airdash…upward and forward…and you can do another magic series! Using the airdash to keep combos going is one of the best things about mags. It allows him to do the zenith of his offense, the rom infinite. (look it up)

Flaws: Magneto can not block while air-dashing. (really no character can) so using the tri-jump wrong will get you killed.

And it’s nearly 3:15 AM…more later…sleep now.

how do you air dash? and air dash back to the ground? and so magneto is like falco? lol. I always wind up maining aggro people.

your press both punch buttons to dash. you automatically dash forward, but if u want to dash in another direction u hold that direction on the joystick, so if u want to go down u have to hold down.

and, i havent play SSBM, the last game i played in that series was the one for N64.

but some of the rules are very similar. like with fox, u know how u have a double jump, but then u can also press U+B and u get like a 3rd jump sorta, but its really an attack so
after the attack fox just drups he cant attack or nothing. well in marvel that happens too in its own way.

magneto is like the fastest most agile type player i guess. so is storm.

Unless you superjump. :wgrin:

i disagree. play anybody or team you wish, cause the more you play with them the more adapt you become to their strengths and weaknesses. my first team was msp, then gradually upgraded into sentinel-based teams. now my main teams are msp, mss, and thrax.

msp is mag storm psylock? and thrax is?

i like psylock a lot and also magneto. and want to play with storm. I dont really like sentienel but im gonna play him because hes good…? :confused:

MSP is Mag/Storm/Psylocke (Order is important)
Santhrax is Storm/Sent/Captain Commando (Storm and Sent are interchangeable for the most part)

I used to be the same way, but Sent grew on me.

Sent in the best character in the game IMO. I didn’t want to play him at first either, but I find him fun now.

If you play MSP, You need to learn Mag combos as well as air comboing into storms lightening storm.

This calls for a term:

OTG: meaning Off **T[b/]he Ground. Basically, hit your opponent while they’re in a knocked down state to continue a combo.

Easy example: with jill:, c lk (this should connect) c.hp. (magis series, etc)

Basic mag/psy setup:, call psylocke, to otg after she hits, c. hk.

Goes into alot of magneto’s combos. Rom, grav-tempest, snapouts…

its still a key component in guard breaks, which occurs regularly

also, since ur new, u might as well learn magneto on his own while u still can, that way, later on u’ll be able to play teams like mag/cable/sent or mag/storm/sent/ or mag/storm/tron and etc. and you would be stuck in that +psy assist mindset. its a hard thing to unlearn so dont learn it

So magneto, he real good and I like him, But when I use him I get owned by my button smashing/full aggro friends. This should be expected because you don’t get auto good results with him right? Anyways I just learning super jump canceling the strong kick so that only the first kick comes out. What basics things/approaches should I do with him, like what attacks to mainly do when fighting, and what are some basic air combos? Also thank you everyone for the help a lot of you have been very informative.

Again, there’s nothing “easy” that mag has.

But he has some fun scrub killers!

That setup I just gave? After you pop them into the air with the of the OTG, use the once mighty hyper grav > magnetic tempest combo. Or, do the same thing after the double magic series trick I just told you about.

Now, you CAN mash buttons and shake the stick to get out of the hyper grave so this combo is now considered useless in high level play. But…your friends don’t know that. >.>

is hard kick? the hardest kick? and a lot of things I don’t understand. I wish there was someone that can teach me in person. Oh well ill have to learn on my own and with the internet like I did everything else…and whats grav? and tempest? And thats fucked up someone gave me neg rep for not using sentinel. = crouching high kick. blah! read the abbreviations list.

Sorry I did but I forgot. I suck for forgetting. :sad:


Look up the abbreviations list. I mean…seriously, that should’ve been the first thing you did.

and um, look up the move lists for the characters.

Magnetic temptest= :qcf: +:lk: + :hk:

Grav= :qcb:+ any kick.

c .hk = Crouching hard kick, heavey kick, or whatever you want to call it. The bottom middle button.