Getting into MvC2

I’ve tried many times to get into it, and I want to get better at it, but its feels like such a hard game to understand compared to most other fighting games. I play HDR, 3s, SF4, GG, and blazblue so I feel like that it shouldn’t be so hard, but it is for me. When I look at the MvC2 I always see discussions about the character’s infinites and crazy advanced combos, but I need stuff MUCH more basic.

If anyone has any good guides, tutorials, vids to analyse, basic combo to start with, ect. can you please post it?

Here’s some quick questions: How should I be using assists in combos? I believe I have to press the assist button before the combo originates, but is their some timing needed and how do I continue after the assist in most cases.

Can someone break down what the fly/unfly combos do and if I should be learning them?

Who are the most accessible characters that aren’t joke tier?

How do you continue combos after an air combo (air to ground)

Edit: How do you air throw after an air combo instead of getting FP/RH?

Thank you to anyone that helps.

I dont know too much/anything about MvC2, but as far as combos, here is one of the most comprehensive combo faq’s that I know of that includes small tips about how to do the more complicated combos listed(which are all of them imo)

Hope that got one part of your question out of the way, I wish somebody would post some setups for some of these combos especially those easy iron man infinites because the difficult part is landing them.


Not Sure how much use this will be to you but here is DJB13 's channel that has a series called mvc2 tricks of the trade which showcases various characters.

Joo’s Frame Data(will probably do you no good)]

I probably learned half the shit I know about this game from these 2 links.

Assists come out at different speeds so it will vary based on your characters also depends on what your trying to combo into the assist.

example : psylockes aa assist comes out fast so if your magneto you can go, psy AA by pressing the first then pressing psylocke assist button, then cr. lk and it will combo.

on the other hand, sents rocket punch asssist comes out slower. youd have to press either his assist right before the two’s or press his assist the same time as the first and time the second a bit late. I think most people do either or but if you wanna hit that at the beginning of the match you should try the 2nd method.

check out higher jins guide here for info on fast-fly, the unblockable, and unfly
basically these are the essential guides to play a competent sentinal. maaybe unfly isn’t as important, but its good to know.

accessible characters: storm, sent, cable, mag,( <- AKA the four gods of the game. if you dont have one of these characters on your team, then prepare to work hard as hell) iron man, cyclops, psylocke, strider w/ doom assist, blackheart… you can definitely make other characters work but at med to high level play your gonna see these characters a LOT.
“accessible” assists (lol): capcom B, Iron Mans B, cables B, Cyclops B, psylocke A, Dr.Dooms B, Storms A, Sents A(rocket punch) or Y(drones) tron bonnes Y. you can use others but I think those are all the commonly played ones.

most ppl just play common teams like:
mag/storm/psy or MSP
mag/storm/sent or MSS
mag/storm/tronne or MST
storm/sent/capcom or team santhrax
sent/strider/doom or clockwork
matrix: storm/sent/cyc
rowtron: mag/cable/sent
combofiend: Mag/IronMan/sent
MIP: mag/Iron man/Psy
scrub: cable/sent/capcom

there are others but basically those teams are the best as far as team dynamic. check the wiki for more.

oh and yeah watch LOTS of videos. they help like no other. I learn/understand new things almost everyday when I watch a new video. and have tons of MVC2 videos on them.

Wow thanks a ton. I wish I found some of these guides before.

who is the character “capcom”?

Captain Commando.

The best thing you should do is go to marvel gatherings in your area, even if they are 45 mins away and get your ass handed to you. This will show you what you should be learning, and tell you if you can handle marvel or not. Truth is a lot of people have been in your situation, and ended up not liking marvel because it was too frustrating. This game requires the greatest amount of manual dexterity and execution out of any fighting game imo.

To break past a certain barrier, a marvel player may practice in training mode 3 hours a day. I don’t suggest you do this yet, but play someone that is already doing it and see if you’re up to the challenge of eventually doing it. If you can, then you will find like I did, and all of my friends, that this is the most addicting fighting game of all. I only quit because of school, cause I’m no fool.

I plan on playing this more, just been spending too much time on other games. it is really hardcore once you get into it though. Hit me up for some games I’m not too good at it yet, my weakness air combo’s.