Getting into New fighters


So I recently picked up SFV and have tried to play it but found it quite technical and a bit hard to learn. So I figured that it might be better for me to get a relatively easy-to-pick-up fighter to help me understand the basics before picking it up again. Any idea on which i should pick up?


What issues are you having? Sfv’s inputs are so lenient that they’re sloopy.


Btw the dp motion is forward neutral down down forward, it does not look like a z.


Btw the 360 it only matters that you hit all 4 cardal derctions, so te standard way to input it is roll from down back to up forward.


@Ningen64 the old street fighter notation is stupid and in accurate, look up the moves elsewhere and try that.


Unfortinately the button timing will not get fixed by anything but practice.


Skullgirls is pretty good and only about 2 or 3 chracters have a move set that isn’t completely made of forward or backwards quater circles.


Thanks for the help so far!
ive taken a look at skullgirls previously and might purchase it although when it comes to inputs your not wrong about that, i do beiveve tha its probably down to me using a PS4 controller which is making me consider a fightstick atm.