Getting into online battles

Playing to win is good, but what about the other players that want that win. I want to rank up my character, but often times I just sigh as I look back at my lackluster performance.

What I would like to discuss is what proper etiquette or attitude should be when going into ranking battles. Often times I would go in and winning is almost like gambling. It isn’t the same, but it feels that way. How should I play to get a feel for the competition? How do you get better at this?

Bow your head before the fight. No attacking from the back. If someone is knocked down,
wait until he recovered. Always be careful to not seriously harm your opponent.

No seriously, I don’t understand your question.

Teabag when you win and send hateful messages when you lose.

Everyone else does it, I assume that’s probably the way things work online.

Also insult every facet of your opponent, God doesn’t love minority, gay, virgin button mashing tier whoring scrubs with no lives anyway.

Seriously if you even think to yourself ‘GG’ you have a serious nice guy streak going on as far as online is concerned. Which should make it easier to learn to want to grind these people to a paste too fine for snorting…

Oh, and play Super Skrull and finish every combo with Worm Squash.

This applies even if you aren’t playing Marvel.

Play each ranked match like there’s money on the line. Pretend you’re at a tournament and do whatever it takes to win. That’s pretty much what everyone does in ranked. They don’t go easy or hold anything back.

I hate endless lobbies unless there with friends, Real friends,so every game not just fighting, I go for ranked, It really matters on what your online for. Your online rank wont get you any pussy or put any money in your pocket , so it means shit to me; I earned a bunch of bp the past few days on TxS and lost it all today playing bob and julia as i use rank as my training room… i was ranking up with juri and bison because i felt familiar with old friends, then realized like said above, Your rank bp wont get you laid and no one from capcom coming with a check once you reach RankA…You want a few pesos and some respect fly out to a tourney… same for guys on shooters not having fun or griefing fools because there kill death ratio might go below 1.0… ever since sf2 was released on consoles i just greif ryu n ken players jump around like a monkey for being the 50th ryu and ken i seen in a row

Oh and like a real fight , its not about winning , just making sure win or lose they dont forget your name…once you enter the zone of I dont give a fuck, you will achieve greatness…from a nobody

In terms of “etiquette,” I don’t understand the question aside from obvious things like “don’t ragequit” and “don’t send hatemail.”

In terms of “how do I approach online battles,” expect random dumb shit from your opponent. If they’re playing a grappler, expect lots of grab attempts whenever you’re in range. Use the first half or so of the first round to feel them out and get an idea for what they’ll do under pressure (e.g. mashes DP during your combos, does consistent/predictable blockstrings, etc). Then adjust your strategy accordingly.

What are you on about? There’s no real etiquette to an online match, since you’re not really communicating with the other player in any way. Your attitude should be that you’re trying to win, to the best of your ability, and if you don’t win, then you need to learn from your loss and move on. Every loss is your own fault, and once you adopt this attitude, it’s going to be a lot easier to figure out why you lost, and what you need to do to correct it.

How should you play to get a feel for the competition? You simply observe. Observe their habits, their tendencies at specific ranges, how aggressive/conservative their style is, look at their team and figure out what their main goal in a match is, test their willingness to do risky reversals, etc etc.

Super skrull, worm squash, teabag… what the hell do all of these terms mean? There are a lot of slang terms for these fighting games today. Is there an online glossary or something ??

I’ll tell you guys what makes me angry. Other players online, playing Ryu or something and what they will do is throw fireballs often. Why I hate that is that they’re trying to keep you in suspense, trying to wear down your responsiveness, your will to win. Maybe it’s just something I should say to myself to get over this.
How often is it that a Guile player will throw a sonic boom and it doesn’t matter what you do about it?

Don’t forget you’re in the Newbie Saikyo Dojo, which isn’t game specific. Try defining which game you’re having a problem with. I’ve always gone with my favorite philosophy “The points are a lie” in SSF4. I beat a 10000 Dictator on ranked with my 2000 Juri. Haven’t turned my back on the saying since.

Super skrull is a character, teabag is to put your nuts in someone’s mouth, and i have NO idea wtf worm squash is. And these terms are definitely not FGC-specific, except for maybe that worm squash shit. And there is an online glossary, checked the stickied posts in the newbie section.

And that’s called having a strategy. Ryu is supposed to use his fireball, it’s the core mechanic of how he’s supposed to be played. If it’s working against you, then your opponent has developed a good strategy to beat you, and now you have to beat him. Playing good opponents does not mean that you guys get to take turns doing combos on each other, and whoever did the best one wins.

Much like how Guile is using his sonic booms. Guile has to use his sonic boom, whenever his sonic boom isn’t that effective, he usually loses the match. He’s a defensive powerhouse who is supposed to be played as a defensive and reactionary character. He throws a sonic boom, and he counters whatever you do, it’s been like that since SF2 first came out.

There’s ALWAYS a strategy to beat either of these characters, you just have to experiment and see what works for you. You’d be surprised how effective ‘walk up and block’ is to gain some real estate, or a neutral jump over a slow projectile to get in close. THINK about your problem, come up with a solution, and test it. If it works, huzzah, a winner is you. If it fails miserably, that’s fine, go back to the drawing board and come up with something else. Don’t just repeat the same stupid mistakes that you keep doing, learn, and move on.

Teabagging, that sounds like a good way to get in someone’s face.
I am talking about Street Fighter IV – SSFIVAE, and I got vanilla, but vanilla is a different scene and the players seem to play with not as much heat as in super. SFxT sounds good but you also devote time to this and I cant make a commitment to a new video game, so I dont play it.

I sometimes will play better against a better player like that and will actually do well b/c they don’t put me in suspense.