Getting into SSFIV--I used to be great! Need help getting into the new saddle

I used to play a lot of Street Fighter. I was a beast in SFII through SFA, but life got in the way and I drifted away from the scene ever so slowly. I still fired up the older titles once in a while to get my fix, but I never even saw Third Strike in arcades nor owned it on a console until very recently. I picked up SFIV, enjoyed it, but ultimately found no time for it and sold it. Now I’m in a better position to spend time with the franchise again, and I picked up SSFIV (360) and am ready to play again.

So what do I need to do to get back into this series? I’m still very competitive in the older Street Fighters (SFA and earlier), but I’m finding that most my skills don’t translate well. Is it simply a case of needing to learn the new fighters, or has the core changed enough that I need to be specifically working on certain things to improve?

Sorry for the vague questions, but where should an old vet start to get up to speed on the changes the franchise has seen? I’d also like some 3rd Strike tips, if you got 'em?

For reference, I’m a shoto guy first and foremost, but I had pretty much all of them mastered through SSFII.

Get familiar with the new game mechanics. Focus, Ultras, etc.

You mean “learn the matchups”? Nah, it hasn’t changed enough that you’d be totally lost.

See the link below. And I don’t have much experience w/3rd Strike.

Here’s the advice I gave in a similar thread.

Thanks, man. That link is quite helpful.