Getting into Street Fighter 4

Hey guys, Weivy here, and I have a pretty strange question.

As far as I can remember I’ve been playing fighting games, whether it be fucking around with my buddies on SSF2 or going down to local to the arcade for tourneys. But the thing is, SSF4 turns me off. The timing just seems so awkward to me, and it just isn’t as fluid as other games. I think I’d really enjoy it if I could get into it, because I’m a big fan of strategic play but I have absolutely no idea how to get into it. Could anyone help me out on this issue?

(Just for reference, I do own a stick.)

SSF4 has a different from the older games, such as SF2, it’s just something that you’re going to have to get used to. It’s considered quite slow in comparison to the alpha games, 3s, or ST, but can be quite fun once you really get into the meat of SF4 competition. Play it as if you’re brand new to fighting games and you’re trying to pick up the basics, which means going back to the fundamentals of fighting games. Learn your character through and through, their best pokes, the various uses of their special moves, what actions are safe and unsafe. Learn how to properly counter jump ins, whether it’s with normal moves, or special moves. The most important thing that you should be trying is learning how to control space. Learn how to dominate whatever ranges your character is good it, learn how to stay in that range, punish the opposing character for getting in that range, and how to minimize damage that you take from the other character. Blocking is a heavily underrated skill to learn, so learn it well.

Other than general tips, be sure to read all the stickied posts at the top of the forum for the ‘newbie’ section for more tips on intermediate/advanced play. Check out the stickied posts in SF4, as well as for your specific character to get some more tips. Other than that, you’ll need to ask specific questions if you want more specific answers.

Simplest answer is to keep playing it until you get used to the feel of the game. It used to feel weird for me too at first, but a couple days of playing made it feel natural.

There is strategy in all fighting games. Why don’t you try something besides SF4?

The reason I’m trying to get into SSF4 is because I love strategy gameplay, and SSF4 really excels in it, more so than other fighters. I own quite a few fighting games, but I decided to take on something slower paced.

Just wondering what character are you going to play?

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I’m really liking Akuma right now.

so how long does someone have to keep doing that before it goes from being “getting used to the feel of the game” to being a colossal waste of time

^ That happens when you think the game isn’t worth your effort. That feeling may or may not come, you just need to play long enough to find out. :slight_smile:

Play a good C.Viper, Seth, or El Fuerte, then let’s see if you continue to think that its strategic gameplay (lols)

Akuma is a very good character, and has strong defensive options alongside his deadly offense. Make good use of his cr.strong, it tends to catch a lot of people crouch-teching, and leads to a knockdown combo. His f.RH is a great asset in your footsies game, alongside your cr.forward. Once you learn his basics, you can start to do his deadly vortex.

The best advice I can give you is to play around with all the characters in training/trial mode and get a feel for how they all move, that may help you get in sync with the flow of the game. Or you could watch a lot of videos of 2 high level players going at it and observe how they move and space themselves.

I think they Cross Counter Guide for Akuma is coming out soon. That will level you up as fast as possible. In the mean time, watch their Ryu guide, it teaches training mode and a lot of the basic fundamentals for the Shotos in SF4 overall.

They’re making one fore Akuma!? Do you know who the ‘guest’ will be

Tokido and Fubarduck.

It took a bit of time for me to get used to it, One thing I noticed is that the timing for jump ins are way different from the Street Fighter 2 series to the Street Fighter 4 Series. I missed the Street Fighter 3 era lol