Getting into Tekken 6 (and Tekken in general)


I picked up Tekken 6 today for $20 because my friend and I are getting ready for TTT2 and I wanted to learn the basics of 3-D fighters. I haven’t tested even a fraction of the cast, but Dragonov sticks out as a character I want to play (love that character select picture, looks like he is thinking instead of posing). So my question is: where do I start in learning to play Tekken competently?



watch nobi video on youtube. do what he do. he’s the best dragunov in japan.


So would you guys consider getting this game or just wait it out? I was thinking of buying it online since I can’t find it in store.


just get the game since it’s really cheap now and it plays extremely similar to tag 2.


That is great that you have picked up Tekken 6 in preparation for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I would encourage you to simply have fun with the game first and just grasp most elements while you are having fun. Playing Ghost Battle can give you an idea of how to play with the computer having a few tendences from actual players (you can also download new ghosts randomly pop up from online rankings). Online play is also playable, but not good as a first step. When you feel like you are ready to learn Dragunov in depth, then I would encourage the following videos.

Level Up Your Game: Basics Part 1
Level Up Your Game: Dragunov