Getting Into UMVC3


Hello guys. I’ve been playing SF competitively for a while now. But I want to give Marvel a shot. Is there any tips someone can give a beginner like me. Also, are there any tutorials to learn the full mechanics of the game cause I never played a marvel game before. And what should I be doing in the training room besides combos? Can I still practice on footsies and anti-airing?


I really like Captain America and Iron Man. Are they good for newcomers?


I don’t really play that much of marvel, but expect a lot of “take me for a ride” moments. Lot’s of Top characters. Ironman is not a good character for a beginner.


If you are BRAND NEW to Marvel then make sure to read the manual a few times. No seriously! It will tell you some helpful stuff that you will brianfart on sometimes - such as Team Aerial Combos, know how to counter them and what each one does (there are 3).

Also I found the best way to learn Marvel is to pick a character, then play around with different asissts until you can find some way to get some damage on the board with a combo. Finger Cramp puts on some neat tutorials (called FingerCramp Rehab and there are the Assist Me! series of videos in where Max will teach you all about a character (as well as entertain you with some slightly campy moments - done with real earnest though and helpful info though) which goes a long way in forming a team.

Characters that are better to start with are hard to recommend, a lot of characters have their own “thing” going on for them. There are those like Nemesis who have very simple combos, and they revolve around getting that ONE opening you need - and then racking up the damage. There are characters like Ryu who are “simple” in appearance but cannot pick up a character off the ground (OTG) by himself and so needs an assist to help him. To make a good Marvel team you really need to find a style that fits you - I’d recommend picking a team you like and going through training mode just until you get the hang of what assists do what, a simple BnB combo (l,m,h,s, jump, m,m,h,s, then from here do a super that can hit them on the ground) and just stick with never dropping this combo.

Remember that in Marvel while you can watch the pros pull off these insane relaunch combos with 100+ hits, these combos are VERY hard to pull off. The more hits you give an opponent the faster they are going to recover from the next hit - so at a certain point your combos will just become impossible to follow up. Do not try to recreate a DrDoom FooFootDive, relaunch M&Ms FooFootDive, relaunch, swag marlinpie combo, down to the ground then Level 3 - just work on remember what super does what at first.

There is a LOT of information to take in when playing Marvel, and it’s real easy to get discouraged - one touch deaths can be done in this game and if you’re playing online against random players you might run into some really frustrating moments. It’s a blast of a game though - if you’re willing to put in the time it’s just a treasure trove of undiscovered technology.

Assist Me!:


Don’t be afraid to switch in team members or switch there assists around until you find something that works. Ask questions. Myself I have been running Capt, Doom, Arthur for a while and just got the right assist combination that fits my play style. (Capt Charging Star, Doom Hidden Missle, Arthur Heavenly Slash)