Getting into vf with akira

i first played vf n arcades n 90s as a 5 yearold vf1 i bought vf4 evo when i was 12 in 2003 and use to play it alot. i used jacky and a little bit of akira using his ff k and few other moves. i hear that he is extremely hard to use. i play all fighting games basically im very good in tekken and sc2.

i really wana get into vf but i only wana play 1 to 2 chars, akira and goh. goh sucked in vf4 though i hear hes better now, and i love judo so his look and judo combo seem fun. my q is is it gonna be very hard picking up akira with a ps4 pad as my main starting off pretty new to the game? i know how the game basically works but i just didnt play it at a good level or know any of the strategies

Are you located near NYC?? we have quite a few players that come to i fix machine which is located at 132 32nd street suite 114 brooklyn ny 11232. We have VF5FS on a cab as well as a few xbox 360 setups and some regulars there

no sadly but i may be relocating to there possibly soon

Ahh I gotcha… we have a nice batch of players that regularly come out wednesday-sundays (since we close Monday and Tuesday)