Getting Lauren To Bed: C. Viper USF4 Video Thread
RIP old video thread. I think I got the old name right. Anyway, here is where tech / critique / setup / etc. videos are supposed to go.
]’s Viper tutorial:
[]JacetheAce’s Viper handbook:
]Feint Execution Guide:
]Latif’s YouTube channel:
[]Wolfkrone’s YouTube channel:
]Jayce’s YouTube channel:
[]Chewie’s YouTube channel:
]Fawwaz’s YouTube channel:
[]ShinAkuma’s YouTube replay channel:
]Ov3rheadGreg’s YouTube replay channel:
[]BlackVegeta’s YouTube replay channel:
]YogaFlame24’s YouTube replay channel:

Latif from the Evo 2014 stream

Thanks for bringing this back

Yes, much thanks for making this happen! Viper videos all day!

All 22 colors (numbered too):

Just a Test will record more matches

Video was set to private before sorry about that its now set to public

Wow I’m supprised my channel is up there, thanks man appriciate it. Now I really feel like I have to keep uploading Viper footage lol, I’ll start with this match here:

Also any feedback about the video is appriciated, is this even useful? should I upload more matches? :slight_smile: Suggestions for videos would be good aswell, I’d gladly help those I can

Hey Chewiie, thanks for the vid’ ! I’m not sure if the last bait was intented, but it was pretty nice. I already suscribed to your channel when I first read this thread, and your videos are actually helpful to me.

You face opponents/situations I see every single day, which I do not always have an answer to. It’s nice to watch some Latif/Wolfkrone but it’s way easier for me to relate to you than to them, and helps me pinpoint what’s wrong with my game. I’d love to see more !

Thank you MJC, then I’ll definatly upload more matches!
The ex.Seizmo at the end was a bait yes, I knew if he would shoryuken it would just go threw me. Also if he would crouchtech I could have gotten him aswell. Ex.Seizmo can be used in frametraps aswell (depending on timing), but be aware of standtechers :slight_smile:

Just uploaded this to my Youtube channel and some funny moment stuff.

god damn why does it take so long to upoad videos on youtube through this damn game? lol anyway im uploading content on my youtube…

Latif @ ~1:36:15

Yo Floor couldn’t watch the archives :frowning:

Just uploaded some snax:

Happy Halloween everyone, here is some halloween candy :slight_smile:

Playing on Chirithy`s stream Viper Cammy Matchup, Makoto Viper, and some random funny stuff enjoy!

Go to Past Broadcasts or Highlights and its the TJ and Yomi Show

I’m a beginner in SF4, I started playing at EVO this year. I play Viper in Marvel so I decided to pick her up in SF4 just to have more stuff to do at majors. I’m trying to improve and I’d appreciate any feedback, I still have alot of bad habits and don’t know match ups very well yet. Review and tips would be great!

Here is another one, I’ll post more this weekend. Gotta get ready for SCR! Tips and feedback is welcome, thanks!