Getting Mp3 music on 3s

Anyone point me in the right direction on this??

why are you asking that in a strategy forum?

cuz i havent subscribed to the others… with the energy you took to respond, you could have helped. fuck you.:evil:

hi ghost. you’re an idiot. bye ghost.

erm, yeah this is in the wrong forum.

try looking on #gamecombos on EFNet. That’s where I got the 3S soundtrack from.

Just go to the go for broke server in direct connect. That’s where I go it from.


i could just as easily say, with the energy you took to put up a new thread and to respond to me, you could’ve subscribed to other forums.

so, i guess, fuck you too.

edit: i also do what arcticninja does, but be careful not to get kick/+b ed by looking like a stupid newbie (like you are)… they have a pretty harsh newbiecontrol system, unlike srk.

I ripped all 67 tracks from the DC version to 320 bitrate Mp3’s. I could upload them to an FTP if I knew one.

Oh shit, cool man, how did u do that???
Any rip software???

sorry, im a ‘computer-idiot’!!!

Well, you need to be using the burned copy of 3S.

You can convert the audio ADX files to WAV and then convert the wavs to MP3.