Getting nowhere fast in SSF

Hi. i don’t have many friends who play fighting games, and it’s been difficult getting live matches in. Where I play online on PSN which is not often, the internet is not the best and the matches either have me beating people who don’t play very well or facing experienced players who blow me up and disappear. I therefore spend most of my time messing around in training mode, but after a while that feels aimless.

how much can i improve without regular competition?

I should add that i’m working on my execution as well since I recently started playing on stick, which has created its own issues.

any advice?

Get an Xbox? lol… or you could just try and find a local scene around you

Umm… not very much i believe. The more you fight people the more experience you gain in those fights/ matchups. You could play against the CPU on hardest, but that only gets you so far.

Just keep training in training mode i suppose. You’ll eventually get everything down and get used to the stick

Did you try the regional matchmaking section? There may be some peeps near you.

Definitely hit up regional matchmaking. Other than that, maybe you can get some friends into fighters. Its tough when you don’t live around a scene. Especially when the most common advice is ‘go to tournaments’ like people think its always an option

Don’t think I haven’t seriously considered the Xbox idea, it’s just a) i’m wary of the system’s reliability even with the S revamp, which is why i went PS3 and b) i only recently bought said PS3 and stick, so to splash a comparable sum on a new system and another stick is a little daunting. Even a stick as sexy as the VX-SA. :slight_smile:

Tried the regional matchmaking forum already, but no responses… i live in a land far, far away. LOL.

One thing you may consider is playing other fighting games. I don’t mean drop SF4, but you may have other options that would allow you to play online with less lag problems. Maybe look into GGPO? While you wouldn’t be learning specific SF4 things a lot of what you could learn by playing other games (Spacing, Zoning, Baiting, etc) is transferable skills. Plus it would allow you to continue practicing on your stick.

Outside of that you may need to look into traveling if that is an option.

If online is your only option:PS3 Online thread

@Overworld I may consider the GGPO option, because travelling is definitely out. LOL. I should hopefully be online more regularly by August, so hopefully i can get more regular competition then. i actually already downloaded it, just haven’t used it.

@azproc thanks for the link, i will try to add a few people for matches when i can get on.

Players tend to get stuck at certain areas not because they don’t find good enough opponents, because I sure as hell can’t find any, but because they don’t push themselves, which oddly enough I do that for fun when I get bored when playing games. Typically just requires playing a lot but you have to be willing to try new and or risky things to get better. So what if a guy can do a back flip off a motorcycle perfectly one time, some guy hacked and did a triple and broke a new record on a bike.

i have the same problem dude no one here in my country play fighting games
if i found some sometimes they kicked me out due to my low performance.i’m really desperate thinking quitting fight genre whole together
my last option is STREET FIGHTER :THIRD STRIKE if GGPO doesn’t help me much meeting overseas players with same skill i will be done for good:(

@Zeeka29May are you on PSN or Live?

Another thing to all - is the Xbox connectivity for fighting games really superior to PSN? For example, i was watching the most recent Excellent adventures and I was like, three to four bars every time? Really? If i get a three bar connection it’s like Christmas!

Hopefully when i get my net set up the way i want it things may be better. Failing that - i guess I may have no choice but to invest in a new black box.

Most people connect by wire for 360 rather than wireless like most PS3 users.

Plus it also depends on where you live and such

The only general consensus that seems logical is that because PS3 has Wi-Fi built in, people use it even if they’re right next to their router on a lot of occasions.
If Sony used decent Wifi Hardware we’d only see an increase of 10-20 ping from using Wifi but testing at a friend’s house indicates it’s a lot more than that.

XBL and PSN player density may also be a factor.

I wouldn’t say go out of your way to switch consoles, it’s a complete gamble (I switched from 360 to PS3 without any noticeable change in availability of quality games, it really depends on region) and costs a lot of money.

well i’ve been the wifi route and experienced how laggy that is, so i usually play wired.

it wouldn’t be a switch and that’s part of the issue. two system purchases and two stick purchases in less than a year isn’t so easy on the pockets. :slight_smile:

get your friends into it or join some wacky video game club, itll prolly be alot of neckbeards but make one of them buy street fighter, youll find ppl if you want to badly enough.

Hello Gelohk, if that is also your PSN name I think me(Chun Li) and you(Bison) fought in ranked 6/21 and we must have had at least a 3 bar connection(I won’t fight ranked 2 bars and below). If you want to get some matches going in endless add me as a friend, my PSN name is my username here. I main Chun Li and attempt to fight with a few other characters.

Like it was previously stated, there is no actual real difference in infrastructure. People who say otherwise are pretty much ignorant of how netcode and the internet works. It’s based purely off the connection of the players. If your experience is either getting easy wins or getting blown up then that’s not really a connection issue.

Yeah i remember. I have a terrible time against Chun Li players, so i usually remember those matches lol. cool np whenever i get back online, it would be good experience for me. Our connection was good; where are you located?

so then why is there so much debate over which system’s fighting games run better over the net? actually my younger brother says exactly the same thing you do re the player to player connection.

I’m located in Buffalo,NY. There wasn’t any noticable lag.

i’m in Barbados in the Caribbean. That was a pretty good connection.