Getting out of hyper grav

How do you guys get out of hyper grav?

I know that the hyper grav xx tempest isn’t used that much anymore… probably because to save a super as well as the possibility of getting out of it…

but how can you get out of it?


Mash the Buttons and Wiggle the Stick.

focus on wiggling the stick alot more than mashing the buttons, you can actually mash out of tempest by just using stick.

I suck so bad at mashing out of tempest. Always have. I’ve even had Chunk sit there with me and TELL ME HOW TO DO IT for two hours straight. Mashed out maybe 10 times.

<— hopeless

I have trouble myself but from what i’ve heard it goes like this. the second you see the hyper grav, wiggle the stick and mash like crazy. If your sticks are really flexible, then you can hold down (or any direction) and let go (so it goes back to neutral). that way it’ll wobble like crazy for a short amount of time

correct me if im wrong

Should we wiggle it left and right? or 360?

I wouldn’t recommend 360 because you might get quarter/half circles…then with the addition of mashing buttons a special/super might come out which might lead to X.X death

move stick left right xN

mash buttons a little

another thing is to wait until hyper grav actually connects cause then you wont waste any movement and youll have a good momentum with the wiggle.

best advice

it is a timing thing with a light speed left right x n wiggle

im trying to learn how to mash out of the hard ones better :sweat:

the guardbreaks to magnetic tempest and sentinel in the corner is like the trillest x_X i still can hardly get out of those consistently…i can’t consistently xD just sometimes

:tup: josh

weird. I have never onced wiggled the stick to get out of the hyper grav.

I just hold back and mash the buttons, 4 - 5 swipes and im out. I say this works at least 8/10times because sometimes I’ll stop mashing prematurely.

hmmm…i must be a top tier masher then.

lol. i do two stick swings and 3 button swipes and i’m out


Not to long ago I was playing casuals with a friend who was using MSP.

He gets me in an AC > hyper grav xx tempest (I start mashing), then he DHC’s into the hailstorm(I continue mashing) and i BLOCKED the ice pellets.

Very cool and very interesting. I tried to recreate it a few times, but it didnt work out.

So, it is possible to mash out of a hyper grav xx tempest > Hailstorm, right? or did I just get lucky?

I say its worth it to try, even if you know the hail is coming. Either way, you’re probably going to eat it, but if you mash at least you’re giving yourself that slight chance to break free…

I’ve done this 3 times in 2 years. I’ve kept count of them because they’re just so damn hard to do. You can either beat the dhc and mash out before it happens or mash out during the beginning of storms hail where there are no actual hail pieces on you immediately.

usually, i’ll mash my heart out for the magnus part and if I don’t get out before they dhc, I wait till storms super flash happens, then mash again. 2 of the 3 times I got it was doing it this way. I think if you mash during the dhc it actually keeps you in longer. Just like how you can mash storms hail too fast and actually cause -10+ pts of damage to her hail. Thats just a guess though but i’ve tried plenty of times mashing during the dhc animations and never got it and gave it up after a few months of trying it.

but yea, this is really intresting. It could save your life in game if someone could figure it out.

More likely is that your opponent just DHC’ed late into hailstorm allowing you the frames to get the block to come off.

no. I play too much marvel to know the difference between a late dhc and perfectly timed one. I’m telln you, its possible. Highly unlikely to get, but there are instances of it happening.

Out of hundreds of thousands if not millions of rounds in marvel i’ve played, i’ve only see this happen 3 times. That should tell you how hard this is to time and I always mash the hell out of the stick when HG, tempest, dhc hail happens just to see if I can get out again.

No, it wasn’t a delayed DHC. It was a very quick and instant DHC into hailstorm.

Interesting. I was wondering if the DHC super flash had something to do with it. My theories:

-The DHC flash keeps you in hypergrav longer (like you mentioned)

-The DHC flash negates any mashing you may have done. This is due to the screen freezing, I dont think it registers you mashing out of the hypergrav or it doesn’t register the hypergrav itself. Its like doing a (1 hit) xx tempest DHC IM proton cannon. During the DHC flash, there are tempest shards that are clearly hitting the opponent but are not actually adding to the hit count until after the super flash. Same thing could be said for the hypergrav during the DHC flash.

-And if the above is true. The flash might even cancel out/reset any mashing attempts you may have done. And giving the super release its pratically instant, you have far less time to mash/wiggle out than you do with just a regular hypergrav xx tempest.

So, if above is true then in order to mash out of HG xx Tempest, DHC hailstorm. You have to mash like crazy pre DHC-as soon as the grav touches you, and then mash like crazy right after the DHC super flash. And hope for the best.

Also, this is just theory, it might be easier to mash-out mid screen then say in the corner or when you opponent is backed into the corner. The reason being is due to screen shift during the DHC. Since storm floats up/back during the start up, the screen shifts to follow her thus allowing more space between you and storm. So, this means it takes the hail just a tiny bit more time to hit you. Say mags was backed into a corner and did HG xx Tempest, DHC hailstorm-since storm has no where to go, there is no screen shift and the hail will hit instantly. This VERY slight delay between the hail hitting you due to spacing just might give you that needed split second when mashing out of the hypergrav.
Where is inventiveflow? The need to a how-to vid on this…

if magneto is on the right busting hypergrab magnetic tempest on you on the left
the moment he says “MAGNETIC” in magnetic tempest…
motion :l::r::l::r::l: while mashing the buttons.

stop mashing after you break the grab to not attack when the tempest comes out. this works all the time for me.

lol its like youre saying “no more!” with your hands.