Getting out of noob habits



Can the mods delete this post, thank you.


Also, where the heck do I even start when it comes to learning this game? No matter what I do I seem to get decimated. If I block and attack and try to counter I get hit anyways. If I block and try a combo I get thrown. If I try to throw, even a kara throw, I get comboed. If I try to be aggressive and just attack, they block and counter. If I try to block their counter it hits anyways. I understand that certain moves have priority due to faster frames and what not but even using faster moves doesn’t help. Fighting at an easier difficulty doesn’t work because everything I do connects so it’s not teaching me much, yet anything harder than medium-hard and the computer seems perfect. What do?


Did you even bother to read the stickies? Most of the stuff you’re asking for is already written down there.

Also if you were blocking properly you wouldn’t get hit, so if you still get hit it means you weren’t blocking. The reason you get thrown during a combo is because you keep dropping your combos, if you were doing the combo properly it’s impossible to get thrown.


Bad habit xx fadc xx don’t do it.