Getting out of the Chang trap?

The pattern is pretty predictable, but it still gives me trouble since a smart Chang player mixes up and is always busy. For those who don’t know the basic Chang trap is throw Choi (usually the helicopter) and react to the opponent. Most of the time once Choi is launched Chang will do a quick jumping fierce to stuff practically anything that comes his way. If you roll, he slides, or he’ll throw if you’re close enough. Now if you blocked everything you lose half your guard meter and Chang will start the trap again until you reach the corner. What happens is Chang launches LK helicopter Choi and then does a jumping HK XX HP ball. This is the point where I get guard crushed the most. I use K-groove so I can JD the ball, but not consistently. So far the best ways I’ve found to get out is to do an alpha counter.

Now for the attacking part; how do you get in on Chang? The only characters I’ve been able to get in with are Chun Li, Nak, Vega, Rolento, and Cammy but I still have trouble getting past Choi. Once I get in I can’t stop poking or else I’ll get command grabbed, so one mistake and I’m back to where I started.

I think Chang is sort of a novelty character and his trap should be breakable; I just don’t know where to break it. I’ll probably figure it out sooner or later, but does anyone know how to stop a good Chang player?

bison > chang for free, but if ur not using bison then any character who isnt a fatass would die to him fast.

just remember

-u can hit choi with a jab/short then dp when that fat lard ass jumps in. if he does that twirling ball thing, becareful, he might move back and forward untill he can’t then he will call out choi. choi is an ez target to hit, just hit him in the air. he’s just beating u psychologically. with bison i rush that down or turtle.wait for that lard ass to call choi hit with short, scisors ckick his fat ass down. scis kick beats twirling ball thing 100% of the time.

in k-groove you just gotta grind and JD your way out…u just gotta get that skill before you can mess with k on high levels…if your in a rolling groove just pick a move and RC that shit. blanka=electricity, or headbutt, cammy shouldn’t even be in the trap, sagat=tk, just RC somethin to get past choi…thas the only way outside of an alpha counter i see to getting out against a ‘perfect’ chang trap…but the key is knowing ur ranges and not gettin caught in that shit

Just hit choi. That’s all you have to do

Chang can knock you down in the corner, throw a meaty lv1 choi super (you block), then mash on HP. You block the whole choi super then about 8 ball swings, lose 25% of your health and get guard crushed.

Xbox live 100% corner custom. CC, hold down on the analog stick, bahahaha… stupid bastard. :lol: