Getting out of the corner against characters like Ken

I’ve been having problems lately. My Yun is extreamly vulnerable in the corner. I just cant keep my Yun out of the corner. It seems like the whole runaway Yun thing isnt working for me anymore, because I always end up in the corner at some point. Against Kens and uriens I always get pressured or thrown and whenever I try to jump out I get Dped, headbutted or air to aired.

Any help would be appreciated.

EX twin dragon kicks can get you out pretty quickly and also sometimes just a throw or wake up low short into lunge punch if wanna risk it or shoulder to be safe. I usually only see ken do 2 things mainly, either tick throw or strong -> fierce so sometimes you can just wait for them and then escape. Thats all I can think of doing in that situation, might not be any help but Im not that good with yun yet.

how escape of corner vs necro??

Whats Yun’s best air to air attack so I can super jump outta there after a throw tech without worrying about getting Kicked back in to the corner.

Stay put young one, and just stay there while watching closely what your opponent does. When a good Ken player gets me into the corner I have to be a bit more careful and pay extra attention of their moves. Sit tight while blocking and ready to tech throw. What I usually do to get out without attacking is to watch their moves, any whiff’ed cr. mk’s or other moves I’ll simply super jump foward and HK dive kick the hell outta there, be quick.

If you get knock down, go for option parry throw. But don’t do this when they have a super ready, it’s not worth the risk. Always quick recover because you might be able to jump away from what they were planning to do. Also sometimes a fast wake up cr. lk x2 into Zesshou will be a good choice to catch them off guard.

The best air to air move would be the 2 hit air chain, but delay the 2nd hit sometime to mess up their parrying.

Be very patient and do not throw out anything not safe, think twice before doing anything that will allow you to eat a SAIII. Good luck.

Thanks for the tips.

What about Yuns air Hp? It seems to have alot of range and priority and hits opponents that are below him sorta. And how good are lp/mp shoulders against ken and Chun?

wait til they jump and walk under.

Yun’s j.fierce has great priority (works especially well against Makoto) so yes his hp is a good air to air. mp shoulder is great for catching anyone off guard when they’re throwing out pokes, but don’t abuse it. If your opponent gets wise, they’ll just wait for you to do a shoulder, parry, and counter. Edma is always chewing me out for abusing the shoulder too much :sweat:.

To get out of the corner on chuns and kens like sillie said, keep an eye on everything your opponent does and super jump hp or dive kick the hell out of there when there’s an opening. If it’s Ken and he loves to go for the cross up mk, just walk under a bit and forward+fierce him, it should hit backwards. Try not to use EX dragon kick to get yourself out of the corner because that’s a waste of bar. Try to keep the game in the middle of the screen as much as possible, but do not fight without GJ. Runaway and build meter. Once you have GJ he should be affraid of you.

every single thread i see you in you always re-ask the question at hand but with necro as the focal character

yes because necro is my main char :rofl: :rofl:

i play vs a lot of yun players and necro out of the corner are dead but if you corner yun . yun have a very very hard time …he not have a good weak up move yun grab suck vs necro grab , yun not have a good answer vs necro corner game … i pick sa1 vs yun because he bad stamina and he jump to much (parry dive kick >b.strong xsa1)
y think this match up is all about genei jin stuff midscreen poking can kill necro but if only for change meter yun need meter for genei jin and necro have a chance if yun not have meter …
i think this match ups is 4/6 in yun favor(not more) becuase genei jin is very damaging vs necro and yun are very fast

usually when im against a ken, he does mind tricks. shoryukens and throws