Getting out of the corner



I am a new Sagat player. I try to play a zoning game, throwing lot of tiger shots and sweep/high kick if they get close. I often end up in the corner with characters like adon and dudley. They pretty much finish me off at that point. What are some ways to get out of the corner? Better yet, how do I not get into the corner in the first place?


I generally do everything I can to do the pushing. Kara tigershot, or just walk forward a little after each tigershot. One of my main goals in any fight is to get them into a corner. Especially Dudly, if he has no meter, he has no options.


One of the most common mistakes that you can make while zoning is forgetting just how much screen is behind you, so when you take small steps back to establish good spacing for a fireball, you slowly bring yourself closer and close to it.

Make sure you are always aware just how much screen is behind you, for one. Also, learning to Kara tigershot/uppercut/knee. Knowing how to kara tigershot basically means you can move yourself forward while you zone, giving you more control of the match. It also allows you to land knees and uppercuts on jump-ins that otherwise would have been too far away to be punishable, increasing your effective range and giving you more options to fight without having to give up ground just to have the right spacing.

Also, capitalize on knockdowns. Let’s say hypothetically that you aren’t QUITE in the corner yet, and adon is trying to push you further into it. If you can somehow land an uppercut/sweep and get a knockdown, you can cross them up on their wake up to both put THEM closer to the corner, as well as have a chance to do some solid damage.Hell, you can just jump over them to switch sides and block if you want.