Getting out of the Panicky button pressing

I’d like to start off by saying that I am new to this forum, and I have been playing Street Fighter since the original hit arcades back in the 80’s, so I am somewhat familiar with basic game mechanics and such, but I admittedly am an amateur compared to most.

I spend lots of time practicing execution, and timing, but one major issue that I have is that when I try to do certain things, like a few of Yun’s combos for example, I get panicky with my button presses and sometimes with stick movement as well, hitting the buttons several times just to make sure that the attack goes off when its able to. Now I’m sure that it’s mostly habit at this point, but I do also have Tourrette’s Syndrome (Yes, just like in Deuce Biggalow among several other Hollywood movies, and no not all people with it consistently yell out profane language) so as a result, I am jittery most of the time, in lack of a better term. I also get panicky in the heat of the moment. I find it difficult to stay calm and tend to freak out, if you will. I’m still trying to get used to using an arcade stick. I installed an octagonal gate, which helps with Ultra executions, but my Dragon Punch type executions suffer.

Are there any tips or tricks that I can use to stop my panicky button mashing?

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I don’t have anything against recreational drug use, but after being on hundreds of medications over my lifetime, I don’t even want to take an advil unless I absolutely have to.

it comes with practice and familiarity tbh. the more you play, the less you will do it. when you practice combos, just focus on hitting each button only once, get a feel for the rhythm of the button presses. listen to the sounds of the hits to get the timing down.

playing against real people online and you will notice you may go back to your old habits, but dont worry. just get back in training mode a bit and practice hitting only the buttons you need to. i get extremely nervous playing online for some reason esp if i havent played in a while, but it all comes down to practice and experience. the more you do it the less of a problem it will be. Lots of people go through this so dont sweat it. Once you know your characters it will be mostly muscle memory and you wont need to think about what to press anymore, it will just come out smoothly.

Thanks for the reply, Evil. I appreciate the advice. And I feel you about getting nervous when playing online. Sometimes I get so nervous that my entire hands are ice cold.

nervousness has a negative correlation with confidence.

Ask yourself two questions:
Do you know your BnB’s to a point where you can do them without looking? (not that you’d do this, but basically - are you 100% sure of your ability to pull of BnB combos?)
Are you planning your defensive gameplan out before the match? Not your offense.
NEVER plan your offense.

An example of what I mean… Super Turbo - Blanka needs two tools to fight Gief. and The rest is superfluous. I go into the fight knowing that when he jumps,… when he lariats, End of story. I know my matchup.

I haven’t put enough time into the game to know matchups, and I honestly don’t know what a BnB is. I’m still in the process of learning terms and what works best against the opposition, but I’m more of a hands on person, and unless I’ve got someone physically showing me then I will never really learn.

Bread and butter combos…
Example would be something like with Blanka -, land,, heavy ball

Then you probably would benefit going to the local gathering/tournaments…show them you are serious and someone will help you out.

BnB is bread and butter, it is your preferred combo to do in a certain situation to either punish your opponent or start an attack. For most characters, this should be something that you can SEE and FEEL hitting so you know whether it is safe to end your BnB with a special move for the extra damage. Some characters don’t have super safe BnBs, many do, and some others rely on command grabs which is a whole different story. I’m assuming you are using Ryu(?) who has a ton of good BnBs and is a great starting character because he can do some serious damage even without knowing all of his tricks, and he can get to be a monster when you learn him inside and out.

If you are on PSN get at me: climaxter

Thanks guys for your replies, and I will definitely do that Climaxter. I have the game for both systems, but my stick is Xbox only. I plan on getting one of Toodles’ Kitty Kits once they become available. And I generally use Akuma, Viper or Yun, but I have experience with other characters as well. I know these are more technical characters and that ones like Akuma are based more around overall utility than ones like Ryu, but its more my thing. I’ve always preferred the faster, more diverse characters over the stronger, slower, less diverse ones, even though ive been known to play Gief from time to time.

And for those who would like to add me on Xbox Live or PSN, my names are as follows:

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