Getting out prioritized because of Viper's bad normals. Please help



Especially online, where most people throw out Ammy H spam, Hulk H’s and Nemmy standing H’s, huge Cap swings and Sentinel frying pans. I start to get scared to rushdown with Viper because I know so many normals will beat out Vipers.

Its bad to be “afraid to engage” for a rushdown character from a mental game stand point and its starting to make my Viper bad.

(especially online).


Viper’s not really a good online character. You need the game to play smooth to dictate things with her correctly because her seismos have pretty slow start up compared to most people’s normals. Once you get the seismos out there you can get going but until you can get one out you’re susceptible to them mashing on something and blowing you up.

If you’re playing C.Viper/Doom/Strider like it says in your sig (and we’ll just pretend you’re actually playing offline for once) then you kinda just have to know what to do based on the matchup. I personally use missiles so any rushdown character I basically usually just blow EX seismo start of the round and call missiles to get space. You can also do H thunder knuckle throw option select if you’re close enough to them. I’m not worried about burning a meter since the idea is to get enough space to chip them down with stuff so a very basic combo will kill them off any way. If I desperately need the extra damage I’ll TAC infinite into Doom if I’m close enough to the wall or try to set up a reset.

Once I get space I try to call laser often to keep their assist off screen and mix it in with seismo so it keeps the point character from moving also. Then keep that going while missiles are coming down.

If they start to get in focus attack into H thunder knuckle, ground throw or EX seismo is your main tool to deal with durpy normals. Viper gets shitty normals but trades it for being the only character in the game able to not be put into a combo as long as you hold two buttons down. Which if you have a projectile assist coming out during that time can clear shit up also.


Just like in SF Viper has horrible normals (and more so in UMvC3). She has nothing terribly abusive or dominating like Wolverine/Haggar/ect. But she doesn’t need it either. You just need to know when to use your normals and in what situations which is exceptionally hard to do, but once you understand them you will realize she doesn’t have as bad of a time as most people think. Her best normals are j.L and j.H. and that is because she can use them within dashes. I use to play online though and if that is your main place for competition then don’t bother pressing buttons. You just can’t use the normals in a way that is needed for Viper to be proficient. Stick with seismic hammer and special moves coupled with assists and jump attacks.