Getting P360 joystick to work with Xbox 360 pcb?

Getting out of the stone age and finally picking up an Xbox 360! :bgrin:

i’ve tried the srk search engine, but on this topic, not too much specific info :sweat:

I would like to know if its possible to get a P360 joystick to work with the xbox 360 pcb? and if so where most people get their 5 Volts from? ( a pic would be super!)

I’ve heard of some Xbox pcb’s have a ground for every damn input, thats crazy! Are there any Xbox pcb’s that have a common ground? and how do i know how to find that specific pcb if there is such a thing?

on another note, do i really need all 11 xbox 360 buttons? and what buttons do i/should i keep?

and last question, what do you guys think of Mas’s Xbox 360 with P360 joystick??? and if so how do they do their 5 volts? link to Mas’s Xbox 360 w/P360 stick:

thanks mad much to all srk playas for helping this old dawg out :bgrin:

Check the Essential sticky.



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just an update, i checked the essential sticky, and honestly not too much info. either i a dumbass or can’t read, really no useful info there.

can someone please tell me why it is difficult to get a P360 to work with the xbox 360 pad???

also has anyone successfully done a P360 with an xbox pad???