Getting passed Rikuo's Bubble Trap (Darkstalkers)

I hope I posted this in the right area. Having quite a bit if trouble against this match up. To be specific, Rikuo’s bubble trap attack.

It’s big, huge and unblockable. When it makes contact, it’s a free setup for a combo.

That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in a FG. 0 meter?!?

Anyways , rather than rant, I need help getting around this fraudulent online practice.

Fireballs don’t seem to stop it (Lilith) and I can’t seem to jump over it either. The only solution is to land a clean unblocked hit against Rikuo. Am I missing something really obvious to get around this?

1- It costs meter and the hitbox is not the size of the bubble, it’s actually about 70-80% of its size.

2- It doesn’t cover fullscreen, so unless they do it in the corner, you can just walk back and it’ll wear off.

3- If they trap you in the corner with it and they do it properly, you’re screwed, to put it simply. Unless you’re lilith, in which case: SUPER JUMP.

Rikuo is high tier for a reason, and the reason is the bubble. Lilith requires really good execution in order to be proffecient with her, otherwise you’ll get slaughtered by several characters.

Go to forums if you want info on the game. SRK is not the source for Darkstalkers information.

Yeah it’s pretty harsh. There’s no big secret to getting around it, just gotta be able to avoid it.

If they bubble trap you in the corner different characters have their own ways of escaping it. Characters like Qbee and Jedah can use the invincibility frames when activating dark force to get out of it. J.Talbain doesn’t really have any ways to deal with it though.

The mizuumi wiki has a list of ways to get out of it.