Getting people back into the game


This thread is to try and get new ppl into the game and to try to bring the old players back.


I dunno that anyone comes to these forums anymore… but they still play marvel…

psn or xbl still has matches available 24/7 anyways…


How would one even play this game without getting a hookup?


I’m also getting back to this game. Its my fav game and i bought a dc and found my mas stick im going to start practicing on the ps2 emu for now to get my skills up until i get my dc


I’m going to start playing this game. I assume only gods play this game now so my goal is to get 1 win before I get 100 losses. Should be fun!


I’m trying to get into the game as well, after avoiding it since middle school. Anyway the links to the guides are broken, are there any good links floating around?


so is there any place where you can play this game still?


Shoryuken wiki is ok. Look up the mvc2 group on Facebook if you’re looking for good competition. As to where you can play, either gotta get a game share, live in a big city with a good scene, or build one yourself.


I never learned this game well in the first place but I have it, like it and I am always willing to learn and play with others.


Might be making a combat, once I get xbl.