Getting pooped on in mvc3


it’s happening to me.

i started playing mvc3 pretty recently and i’m new to fighting games in general, the last one i really played was virtua fighter 4. i’ve read the guide and watch the videos, played through single player training, arcade and missions, and think i can get some matches in.

i have 3 wins. that’s it. someone actually sent me a message telling me to just stop playing.

what do i do from here? i’m basically a scrub at the very bottom and don’t know what to do.


Brush off the haters, keep grinding it out, and you will improve. The game is very new, but if you just started, you are going to be running up against a bit of learning curve, so don’t beat yourself up. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, bro.


lol just gonna have to sit there and take the losses and eventually you’ll progress and get better


Yeah, don’t pay any attention to messages like that. They happen, and so do terrible matches-- to everyone.


it isn’t so much the people talking shit to me that bothers me. i used to play hockey, i’m used to that.

the frequent games where i barely get an attack in do. i just got finished in a game where i got beat by an arthur spamming projectiles. i don’t even know.


lol i was a little frustrated by Arthur spamming too back when the game first came out, but i eventually just found a way around it.


i threw my controller just now.):

losing isn’t bad but getting crushed so hard is.


What made me sell MvC was being juggled by captain america and she hulk for an entire match… I could find nothing to stop it for long lol
Will re buy it when I finally get my arcade stick built.


Don’t feel too bad. This game has turned away a lot of veteran players as well as new ones.

It certainly has the most “touch of death” setups that I have ever seen in a fighter. Which is why I just can’t take the game seriously as a competition game.

Having said that I actually really do enjoy it casually. It is no where nearly as well suited for tournaments as many other excellent and balanced fighters out there.

The highest levels of play demonstrate amazing techniques and skill by showing just how the first player who begins his 100% combo will most likely take the round.

Seriously, it’s a bit ridiculous but that’s Marvel. A design flaw in my opinion as Tatsunoko vs Capcom is AMAZINGLY GOOD and balanced by comparison.

Low levels of play demonstrate that Marvel is puuuuurrrrreeeeee button mashing with the perceived to be cheapest of characters of the day.

Mindless players typically don’t last very long but oddly enough tend to actually do ok in this particular instance. That was NOT the case nearly as much in any of the other Marvel versus games.

So anyway for whatever it may or may not be worth keep the above in mind and while playing just know that Marvel vs Capcom 3 is designed to drive a person crazy! Haha!

If it helps what I tell people who come over and want to play this is to think of their assists as regular moves that should be used as absolutely often as the game engine allows.

What I notice the most while online (besides the constant mashing/Turbo) is that folks choose uncomplimentary assists AND THEN they forget to even use them.

Anyhow I wish you much luck and success, but mostly just have some fun with an ill-balanced but cool looking game! Haha…

-Zombie4u XBL


I think you should play with people more on your level. Because the people left online right now most likely have had the game since launch. And most people won;t go easy on you even if they realize you are new to the game. They will try to quickly kill you are work on combos and you will only get frustrated trying to play with them. Try to ask around on various forums for anyone else that is fairly new to the game so you can have practice. I’ll play with you if you want and I will post on here what you should work on, etc. But I am not very good myself.

You can try to practice against people online but you have to get in the mindset that “it’s no big deal”. Because it really isn;t. These guys have have the game far longer than you. Them beating you doesn;t prove anything, and you losing to them doesn;t prove anything. Aside from the fact that you are still new and inexperienced. So try playing them if you want but don’t take any losses personally.

My suggestion. pick up Wolverine, hahaha. And learn his " cL, M,H, L > jM, jM, jH > drill claw > j down H> land > jM, jM, jH, drill claw > fatal claw super combo.

It might look hard on here but once you see a video of it, it is a very easy combo to do. Ever since I added Wolverine to my team, I got alot more wins. So it doesn;t hurt.

Good luck. Keep your head up!


Getting an infraction for bad spelling I see, that aside, your expected to lose a lot in MvC3. You have no idea how much your required to learn before you could go off and just play matches expecting some chance to win.


Nah, he got an infraction because he didn’t read the general SRK rules. No cussing in thread titles.


Just go in and mash your abc string, jump alot, do random moves, pop xfactor, the game is designed so anyone that plays it can win.


He actually got a warning. I can actually remove it if the title changes. /hint /hint


There was nothing in my post that i spelled incorrectly. It was for the title of the thread, which has been changed.