Getting Prepared For MvC3

I’d like to start diving into the MvC series before the big day that MvC3 is released. I have Mugen(MvC2) on my computer, and I’m wondering if that will suffice in the time given. I’ve been playing Marvel vs. (whatever) for…10 years? But I never really took the time to get serious and really well…play seriously.

What do you guys suggest I do? Or play? I got my TE hooked up to my computer, so execution isn’t a problem. I’d like to get down my air combos.

If you’re going to play MvC2, then at least play the actual MvC2 and not a MUGEN hack since the mechanics in the MUGEN hack aren’t the same as the original (which is also closer to MvC3 then the MUGEN hack).

Also, you’re going to have to learn more then just air combos. There’s stuff like tri-jumps, assist punishing, lockdown, etc. to learn.

Oh I thought they were almost identical :frowning: No sense getting good at a game that doesn’t share the same mechanics as MvC3. Oh well.

play some XvsSF/MSHvsSF/MvC.