Getting REAL Carbon Fiber on my HRAP3


So I’m sick of looking at this crap faux carbon fiber decal on my HRAP3 and I don’t want art on my stick, because that’s not what it’s there for.

I looked around and I found this:

It’s a place that sells Carbon Fiber and they can machine cut it for me.

Now I just need the appropriate width and a CAD drawing of where the button holes, screws, and control panel will go. Should I just get rid of the metal plate or get a thin sheet to put over it? Someone help me!

Or just tell me how much of a bad idea this is …


if you were going to replace the whole sheet i would get the plate to be a copy of the metal plate but as tall as the whole setup(art+metal) it would be stronger and looks cooler. only thing is that you are going to pay a shitload of money to get this cut.


I wonder how fast it’ll go with the carbon fiber, haha.

Nah it’ll probably look pretty sweet though, g/l!

Edit: You can get full dimensions for the button layouts at slagcoin too.


Er yeah, I meant height. Can’t have nice things without paying for them!

I’d prefer not to use a .PSD because photoshop doesn’t translate to CNC. It has to be a .DFX file. I guess it wouldn’t matter since they’ll make one for me as long as I have the exact dimensions.


Great idea, good luck with this!


That would be awesome with a dark grey/black meshball.


This would deffinately be awesome let us know how much it costs. You can get a sheet for not that much on ebay but it is a bitch to cut.


Any template layouts online for this and/or the TE sticks?


I am interested in the cost too.


Just filled out the firm with a link to the PSD. I’ll report back as well.


The problem with the .psd is that it doesn’t show where the bolts go and I’d assume that it’d be a pain to drill into it without messing up.

I’d say that it should be 2mm thick if replacing the whole top panel but then getting the stick mounted would be hard… so maybe the .025" sheet on top of the metal plate already on the HRAP?

I’m gonna do some measurements first and then get the quote.


I’ve been thinking of something like this for a custom stick, I just love that carbon fiber look.

Would be really interested to see how it turns out and the cost. I’m sure it will look amazing.


i am getting my hrap3 later.

looking on alternative to make it look better. :lovin:


Just emailed them and they need either CAD or SolidWorks drawing to make/prototype it.


I said that earlier!

Sadly I don’t have either programs, but I’ll see what I can do. If I can mock up a copy, I’ll post it.


Google Sketchup is free, easy to use and can save as CAD. I use it for working out builds like this:


wow. great idea. let us know how it works out


… you should help. =D?


Make sure to include all and every cut out and hole that you will need. I’m currently building my stick case from carbon and glass fibre and esp. carbon is a b**ch to cut or drill.
Carbon will quickly ruin any tool that’s not diamond plated. Especially if you are looking at a full 2mm plate. Also beware that carbon dust is really unhealthy when inhaled, never work without a proper mask! So let them CNC cut all the holes if possible.

The surface of their sheet carbon looks good. I’d like to see a photo of a carbonized HRAP.