Getting Rid of Auto-Pilot

Hey guys,

I’ve been playing for a while now and getting kinda good.
I’ve asked some of the better players how do I get even better.
They say you are playing on autopilot, doing the same things every match.
Now I tried to get rid of it by myself but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Does anyone have any tips to play every match on it’s own instead of playing your standard game.

vids to illustrate:

Watching only the first video, so far it looks like:

  • you’ve conditioned yourself to think every time you complete a blockstring, the opponent is going to jumpin/ make an attack, hence why you focused so many times. Prey punished with dash straight, and punished your random dp even though the FA was blocked. Yes it beats out rog’s dash punchs pretty well, and at times it looks like you were trying to bait it out with FA…
    -If you’re going to demon flip and dive kick all the time, mix it up by doing that grab… then they wont be blocking it so much. I figured you believed it was oka to demon flip after ex air fb, but i just saw you got punished for it, means your demon flips come a little too noticeable.

also, exp dp after lk tatsu isn’t necessary… just a hp dp works, imo not worth the meter.

I like to take the George Costanza approach when it comes to this: “Do the opposite of what you think is right”. Basically, once you’ve formed some type of play style that you’re comfortable with, try playing the completely opposite way in certain situations and sometimes in all situations. Go against your instinct when you can. Works wonders for improvement.

Hey thanks guys!
I’m going to work on my game, maybe I place higher than 3th next time.

Not a good idea in a tournament situation, test new shit in casuals…

Also @ OP mad respect for the tourney vids bro… you’re pretty good man… reading and playing the opponent instead of the matchup will just come naturally the more you play imo…

You seem to know the matchup but you are playing your standard game as you say with disregard to what tricks your opponent has up their sleeve… different players play different matchups, well, differently… the Balrog you played in the tourney for example isn’t going to be the same rog as another opponent’s… everyone has little habits that you have to exploit to the fullest…

Spend the first round feeling your opponent out imo…