Getting rid of bad habits


How do you accustom yourself to stop repeating bad habits?


-holding up or upback
-jumping in mindlessly
-pressing buttons subconsciously
-going for the same set up
-going autopilot

Especially when you switch between two characters

Example: from using a charge character to a more offensive one.


I focus on one thing at a time until I stop doing it. I “punish” myself after the game if I feel like I did not do a good enough job focusing on that one bad habit. I do this by doing pushups based on how many times I repeated the bad habit. (10 for 1 mistake) This not only helps me stay in shape, but to focus on the bad habit and keep it in the front of my mind.

The punishment is not really a negative thing though, both things are good haha. I found this works for me, the exercise also helps me to keep my cool and not get frustrated.


It all comes down to muscle memory, so it might be helpful to actually force yourself to do something different. For example, for like 3 rounds, don’t let yourself jump forward, ever. This will teach you how to approach from the ground and set up some game there.

And going for the same setup every time just means you don’t know enough setups, spend some time on the Character Subforums and look up some new setups, then go into training mode and learn what knockdowns/setups will lead you to a new setup.

Not much to say other than “don’t do it”. I found when I was learning I had to conciously plan out every single jump. Before jumping I would commit to a move in my head: “I am jumping to perform a crossup mk.” and once I jump, if I’m no longer in range to get off what I planned, I just empty jump. I used to get caught by tripguard all the time because I thought jumping without hitting a button would be crazy. It’s not!

But yeah uhh… you gotta just practice a lot and tell yourself not to go on auto-pilot. Play people that are better than you, like a lot better than you. Find the best person you know and try to beat them, chances are once you run through your tricks - they will be on the lookout. You either adapt, or get sent back into training mode.


Yea I always try to call out my mistakes and question them. I do try to play people that are better than me (online), usually search for “more skilled,” but my overall game plan still needs deep revision. There are rounds where I do play solid and quietly nod to myself for the good decision making. I guess I’m conditioning myself in a way, maybe I need positive/negative reinforcement mechanism like your pushups. Its just that there a lot of small mistakes that add up, each one where I proclaim," Why did I do that?"