Getting Rid of Rust

How would you get rid of rust. My TE has rust at the bottom plate and the screws are rusting as well. Is there anyway to get rid of it or would I really have to replace it.

I had rust on one of my sticks and simply sanded it off. You could also take the screws out and dip them in clr or vinegar. Don’t forget to put rust protection stuff on them afterwords.


Just get new screws because they will rust again after you clean them. Trust me, I’ve tried it already.

As for the bottom plate, you should sand it all off then you could either re-paint it with some rust proof paint or buy a bottom panel plexi from Arthong on these forums. My bottom plate hasn’t rusted yet, but I will be purchasing a bottom plexi to prevent it from happening.

Replace with stainless steel screws.