Getting rid of the beez

a few days ago i noticed more bees (honey bees) than usual around my front yard, told papá about it, and how happy i was to see bees polinate and do they’re job :). Later that day he found that their hive is inside a barrel that is also located in the front yard (FFFFFUUUUU----)

should i just plug the hole, and continue turtling while the timer goes to zero?

let the hive get bigger and harvest honey, amateurly bottle and sell at the local swap meet?

call up pest control or some apiarist?

let them live out their lives in peace, and listen to the adrenaline-pumping vuvuzelas coming from the barrel.


im open to suggestions.

I can’t tell if you are happy the bees are there or if you want them gone as per the thread title. If you want them gone, spray em with bee spray (get it from walmart or whatevs) after the sun goes down and get as much as you can on the hive itself, and in and around that barrel.

Call fire department, they’re free.

I think Black Flag spray was used to get rid of a wasps nest which dropped them quick.But yeah if you are trying to get rid of them wait tills its dark. They use the sun as a marker to designate which direction they are flying in during the day.

DO NOT kill the bees. call an apiarist or animal control and tell them you have honey bees in your yard. we’re going through a bee crisis currently. my mom is in LA now and she had bees in her driveway. she called animal control and they came out same day to get them.

im not too thrilled about the bees, but yea there’s alot more now. i’ll give animal control a call. im assuming it will be free? i dont exactly have the money to pay someone to get rid of them so if one of these guys (fire department, animal/pest control, apiarist), can take them at no charge, that will help alot. hopefully i get this resolved by the end of the day.

Keep them train them and take over the world

According to Man vs Wild, bees get confused and fly away from smoke inhalation, so start smoking.

But yeah don’t kill the bees.



Damnit, i was just about to post that raaarrjasdklfjasdlk;fjasdkl;fj

i called animal control and they gave me the number to a local beekeeper. i called him (his name is dave), and left a message since he didnt pick up. he called back recently and said he’s out of town (idaho), and wont be back til friday, so i guess im stuck with the beeezz for a week.

not if you use a can of wd40, and a lighter

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If you’re sure they’re honey bees then I wouldn’t get rid of them. How huge is the barrel and can you safely close it and move it? How large is your yard and do you have a back yard? My yard is large, block to block, so I left the hive at the exterior. Even if I come close the honey bees here aren’t aggressive. If I let one land and don’t try to hit it off or shake it off it will just fly off without stinging. It’s the yellow jackets/wasps/hornets that you have to watch out for. Increasing temperatures and pollution levels on this planet cause the bees to produce lower quality honey so I wouldn’t recommend killing any honey bees.

Does anyone know if honey bee’s are still decolonizing?

fyi, when i was a wee little kid, i went to let my dog out from the downstairs door to my backyard. it was a glass sliding door. I moved the curtains aside, and wondered why it was dark. then I realized the ENTIRE door was crawling (and i mean CRAWLING) with bees. Yeah, put the curtains back and let mommy and daddy deal with that one.

Thats my nightmare for real. I’m super allergic to bee’s last time I was stung I was stung 25 times…

If you don’t want to wait on the beekeeper you could always call the Rza.

naaaa bee’s and spiders terrify me, literally HORRIBLY…but i had a gf that was a little girl and ran through a farmers field…

there are worse things that can sting and bite you repeatedly

barrel is about 4 ft. tall, and the only opening on it is the hole on the side. i’d say i can only (safely) close it at night. yea i’ve gotten pretty close to the hive/barrel (its already pretty close to the front door, lol), and they didnt do anything.

my backyard is somewhat cluttered with trees and stuff, so im probably better off leaving it up front. its in a shaded area so it doesnt get too hot inside that thing. not alot of shade out back, even with the trees.