Getting rid/selling sticks... regrets edition!


I can’t be alone here… there are certain sticks that I sold and now regret losing :bawling:

to start off, my first stick…

an X-Arcade tankstick… back in 2008 I was so hype for HD Remix and not knowing any better, I saw it at Frys electronics and HAD to re-live my glory days. Little did I know how bad it was off the shelf. After coming back here (I had lurked SRK for years but never ventured into tech talk) I padhacked a PS1 controller, replaced the controls with IL parts and was a happy person. SF4 dropped and I jumped on the Madcatz train and sold it on craigslist to a young man that drove almost 2 hours for it. Fun fact: I was given another tankstick by a good friend that bought one with me that same day. He realized that he didn’t like fighting games anymore. I modded it to have sanwa on one side and IL on the other but still regret getting rid of that first one.

Next up was my first TE… Round 1 edition… I had “modded” it (art and buttons) and was so proud of myself… lol… Even got the orange bezel at my first EVO. To this day I wonder if the buyer still uses it… I have the art PSD file so I can recreate it at some point. @butteroj balltop orange swirl

Sold a Chun Li TE that I had funded by selling a bunch of random stuff here… WHY!!! :bawling:
Had a beautiful @butteroj pink balltop too

Lastly, I sold a Quanba that I had bought from @jamesepoop … Wood build and was so pretty… It had some scuffs that I couldn’t be bothered to fix… What I could do with that now…

So yeah… I am sure there are sticks that others regret losing… post them up!


some REALLY nice sticks there!
Luckily I still have MOST of my original sticks.
Including the DATEL REVENGER sticks from like 1995… for those that don’t know, they used some sort of Sega Genesis port or parts (I believe the stick itself would plug right into a Genesis and would work), but came with a PC adapter that would program key inputs onto a keyboard’s AT port (you would probably need a PS/2 adapter though). As far as I know, this was one of the first parts with arcade controls that you could buy for a PC, without pad hacking a SNES pad and building your own happ stick. They worked awesome and had square gates, just like the first street fighter 2 machines I played on.
P.S. the adapter itself was designed to take sega genesis controllers originally.

The main problem is, there were no quick disconnects. The wires were directly soldered on, so replacing the cherry switches was a complete pain in the butt. Eventually the switches started double registering and there was no way to even get to the switch with the wires soldered on so I retired it. I still have the adapter and sticks, which were made of sheet metal but I have no reason to use it.

I also have an arcadeinabox made 2 player cabinet that I occasionally use but I intended that for company. It’s too heavy otherwise. That has an I-pac/32 inside it.
I have an xarcade tankstick also, but I put IL (old happ/2003) sticks into it and Happ competition buttons. I have an Ipac-1 inside it instead of the Xarcade pcb.

It’s still too heavy to use for 1 player so it just sits with my AAIB 2 player+trackball gigantic wood unit.

I gave away my old Xarcade original sticks because pressing 1P and 2P on accident due to how they were designed was no fun at all. Even despite people at evo wildly complaining about the start buttons, that wasn’t fixed until the tankstick.

Currently have my madcatz SFxT TE pro stick (X360) and Qanba Q4raf, which give me as much fun as my old Revenger sticks as they are solo sticks and not too heavy (and the heavier Qanba has a handle).


I’ve sold a handful of sticks over the years, but I’ve only ever regretted selling one of them.

A fully modded Brawlstick (I ended up swapping the blue-rimmed buttons to the inner-6 for the buyer before passing it to him):

Not because I particularly had attachment to the stick nor the contents, but because in my absent-mindedness, I sold it with one of the two custom “straight-Vewlix” top-panels that I had made by blklightning21 back in the day, instead of replacing it with a vinyl-wrapped stock Vewlix panel.

The stupid thpart of this story was that I had sold a white-red version of the same thing about a year beforehand, which originally housed my second custom top-panel, but I did swap out the panel with a vinyl-wrapped stock Vewlix panel so that I can keep my custom one.

The Brawlstick was sold to an old acquaintance of my brother’s (who’s still local), so in theory, I could probably hunt this guy down and try to re-acquire this custom top-panel, but I’m not sure if it’s worth my while… or his.


I sometimes regret throwing my XArcade dual stick in the trash.


I’ve only sold 2 sticks and do regret one. But it had to of been 13yrs ago at least and probably still in high school. The interact shadow blade. In a world of ps1/2 sticks and ignorrance the arcade quality parts it shined like no other. Premium feel for buttons (again reference my pov then), programmable buttons, PS2 matching color scheme & a button on top of the stick’s threaded ball! I’ll get another one and have a lot of plans. But needs to be for right price and prefer to find in the wild for these type of nostalgic things :slight_smile:
My 1997 namco I’ve continously modified for current gen and use a vlx for a home stick.



oh one more I regret selling… I had this when I was stationed in Iwakuni Japan…


I miss his work… he used to come to my house for casuals…


I sold my Killer Instinct Xbox One stick. But I also got rid of my xbox one so… only thing that makes me regret it a little is it had those light up buttons. My PS4 stick does not… so it’s not as cool.


I want one of those just to mod it lol


Big Pockets carbon stick

Dat @Kuya_Joe wiring!


Dat @finkle


I have no regrets. I usually step it up each time I get rid of something.


I have a regret that I DIDN’T buy the fighting edge when it was readily available


i sold an old TMO stick back in the day…why oh why did i do that…


big pocket, finkle, and voltech…i feel dat regret!


Have to say…I’ve considered selling some of my sticks before, but this thread has made me especially glad that I kept them all. Thanks for the reassurance that my decision was the right one.


Haven’t sold a single stick yet, Mostly because I’m worried I will regret it later.
My collection is starting to grow beyond the space its in.


For me it would be my round 1 TE that I dyed the sides and added some kof artwork that I really loved. My first stick and I modded it and it looked so clean.

And my super compact hitbox I had custom built by @NiteWalker the craftsmanship on it was impeccable and the light up button courtesy of @jdm714 it was amazing but it was just too small to comfortably play in my lap.

And here’s a picture of it next to my brother’s TE for size comparison


Since I just bought my first fightstick a few weeks ago, I guess I should learn from this thread and hang onto it :slight_smile: That and I don’t think I have space to accumulate many sticks :tongue:

But a “thank you” to everyone who is sharing; it’s fun to read and see the pics, although I’m sure it can be hard sharing regrets.


I regret selling my first arcade stick. It was just a Brawlstick but I kind of missed the small form factor and all the work I put into it. Drilled holes, dual-modded, added neutrik and everything.

The second stick I kind of regret selling off is my Ky Kiske themed Tek-Case stick. It looked soo nice but i barely used it. The reason why i said “kind of” is because I sold it off to my younger cousin for a good price and thanks to that he’s now into most FGs which I’m happy about.