Getting rushed...

I can keep a good game while I’m rushing, but when I get pushed to the wall, I’m pretty much dead weight. I usually rely on a lucky poke to get myself out. Do you guys have any tips on the options I can do to get out of a rush to the wall? I play Ken by the way, and my friend who does a pretty good rush with Ryu plays Denjin, he sometimes plays Elena too.

stay -just- out of sweep range, look for his dashes, sweep him when he dashes at you. dont let him gain ground. just takes practice.

also, with ken, you have got to learn to DP limbs when they randomly poke too close.

Super-Jump:EX-Hurricane your butt otta there.
That’s for scrubs.

Men tend to use parry on wake up to knock away meaty hits, or block.
…and the “option select” tech against the throw pressure.

A good recent example is in the Daigo vs Wong vid.
Wong gets away from the rush (eventually), and you see all 3: the Block, the Tech, and the Jump being used.

pick Hugo, spin the joystick in circles. if you see a gap, hit P.

Learn his patterns, if he likes to jump in on you a lot EX DP works well, do some odd timings for your wake ups. If he waits at sweep distance jump straight up as soon as you wake up and see what he does. If it’s denjin, good luck parrying and watching what he does next. Learn to read patterns, I’m sure everybody has a pattern they are used to going into unless he’s completely unpredictable (which i seriously doubt) then you’re in trouble, but watching his patterns is a good way of overcoming him.

i think c.SP is good here. you mentioned depending on lucky pokes… well c.SP is luckier than most pokes. just stick it out… it hits, you have 90 days to link into SA3.

his throw is good. is it the backwards throw where he rolls before throwing them? so i guess u can mix between throwing and pokes (w potential super on the end). denjin Ryu can’t really punish w a fat super, so yea.

roundhouse and low roundhouse cuold be good at about sweep range; the payoff if they parry wrong is a lot of space, and a little space if they just block. what else… EX hurricanes, EX fireballs are good too. the pushback on EX fireballs is great.

when your at the corner, c.MK or c.LK if he’s just standing beyond sweep range. So if he dashes in, he’ll get hit. And if he’s just turtling at that range, maybe you can take the risk of dashing and throwing. If he jumps in, either anti-air or parry his jump-in.

Elena is kinda harder to avoid I think.