Getting screenshots from a video

So, im making an MvC3 fightstick using screenshots of charcters doing their hyper combos. I looked on the MvC3 site and got high res screenshots of most of the charcters but I wasnt able to find suitable shots of other characters. I wanted to know if I got a 720P Trailer from youtube, if there was a way I could make high-res screenshots, suitable for a fightstick from there.

This is more or less theory craft, but my answer is: YES YOU CAN. How? Photoshop. You can import a .mp4 into layers which basically makes a a gif out of the video and then you save the individual frame of the animation that has the shot you want, as a jpeg etc.

Downloading trailer right now to try this out

I was able to do it successful but it seems like the YouTube, or my video Extractor diminished the quality of the video so the picture I got wasn’t as good as the High Res photos from their(MvC3 official site) site, Any idea how I can change that

Try using the HD code at the end of the trailer then extracting it.

If I remember correctly, the code is


I got some good HD rippage outta that code.