Getting serious in Super Street Fighter 4

Ok so I have decided to put down Blazblue for awile and try to better myself at SSF4.

I have some noob questions that I hope can be answered and remember I am new at this so even if they “wow really?” remember that.

  1. How do you tech recover?

  2. the three charecters that I have played and have some experience with is Juri, Ken, and Abel. Who would be the better choice for a noob?

  3. What are some tricks that I should learn first so that when I fight I can get them to become 2nd nature that will help me out in the long run.

Thank you all in advance who answer and help this poor soul. :rofl:

tech recover? like standing up quickly after a knockdown, is jab+short

id use all 3, just spend time with each of them and you’ll gradually just figure out who you like to use the most over time

tips and tricks… practice blocking. go into training and set cpu to 8 and turn special meter off so they dont just spam ultras all day, and try not to do anything but block, tech throws and escape corner traps/crossups for like an hour.

Practice walking/dashing in for offense as opposed to jumping in every time.

practice your specials first, when you can do them 50 or so times in a row id say you’re off to a good start.

then go on from there, there are a shitload of helpful faqs and shit on this forum, USE EM!

also you can feel free to add me id be down to play some endless matches

Trial Mode will help out alot.


Learning your characters’ normal
Combos and punish combos
I guess don’t get mad at losing.

Juri is not a good beginner character. Ken is great for noobs, not sure about abel.

Learn to fight on the ground, jumping is dangerous. (footsies)
Learn when to throw, throws are important.
Learn to not do moves that let the opponent get in free hits. (Don’t dragon punch unless your positive you’ll land, don’t rely on luck)
Learn a nice damaging combo for when the opponent misses a big move and leaves himself open.

Learn to defend against cross-ups.
Learn to counter wake up pressure.

Learn defense first and foremost. When someone whoops you, trying and figure out why they beat you and work on a counter.

tech recover is any two buttons at once when you hit the ground or hit down twice when you hit (i think it’s hit down)

ken’s a solid choice for noobs. if you can play BB fine you should be able to execute in SF4 fine

Ty all for the information.

We will shape me up in no time.

Ok so I started and someone said that Juri isn’t good for beginner like me which I tried her out more and i agree.

But I find myself doing pretty well with Abel and Ken so I gess I will stick with them.

Question if you can answer. I know its pretty situational but which of ken and abels ultra is more useful. I find myself likeing both for abel but ken I haven’t found much way to use his 2nd ultra.

Am I doing it wrong? is there a way I can combo into it or is it more of a counter move?

shinryuken is probably better in general than guren senpukyaku for ken because has more setups but for abel it depends which character your fighting.souless can be comboed into and can go through fireballs and hit at nearly full screen.braethless is a good choice for characters like zangief.for ken his U2 can go through Fireballsm as well.

  1. If by this you mean quick recovery, either tap down when you land, or short + jab.
  2. Ken is the most beginner friendly of the 3, but also tends to be seen as a noob character online. Now if you’re planning to get involved in an offline scene, then this isn’t an issue, but depending on your location this can be hard.
  3. Stickies, I’d get more detailed but it’s really late here.

Don’t get too serious. You will rage if you do.