Getting some friends not to talk so damn much?


I think we’ve all had that awkward friend that doesn’t really get it and doesn’t know when they’re bothering people. That will, when you’re talking to the girl of your dreams, will talk about hentai and tentacle arpe. Or maybe you’ve had a friend that just ALWAYS talked over people. Whatever the case.

I have a pretty cool friend, that just keeps talking and talking. The things he talks about aren’t weird or offensive… It’s just he keeps talking over people and changing the subject. (He even changes the subject from the point he’s trying to make when he gets caught up in his own talk fest.) He often tries to make jokes that people don’t really laugh at.

When we’re working together, he talks so much, not letting anyone else get a word in and the task that could be done in 1 hour, takes up around 3-4 hrs time. Not the worst problem in the world, but this final project is what will decide if I can graduate college or not. What is the best method of telling a dear friend… to stfu? Or to at least tone it down, without seeming like a dick?


Don’t change your friend. And if you had any game, what i highlighted in bold wouldn’t matter.


Get him wasted.

I shut a few of my friends up just now by feeding them alcohol.


I’d tell him to fuck off. I hate people like that. It’s rude as fuck


duct tape. But seriously, I think it’s safe to assume that most people that are like this are already aware that they tend to be blabbermouths. They just have to be reminded to keep the talking brief and concise.


I’d try to do the same to them. Cut them off and talk about random stuff over and over, just to see what happens.

But the best approach is to just be blunt. “You talk too much” or “Man, I was talking to that girl, wtf is wrong with you?” or my personal favorite “Hey, shut up for a second and listen”.

Someone who loves the sound of their own voice tends to have a big ego, check 'em every once in a while, it’ll do you both good in the long run.

Or if he’s not that great of a friend to begin with, do what pherai said.


You seem to be approaching this as if you can cause some grand metamorphosis. Peaople won’t change unless they want to. Lay the issues out for him and let him know when he’s in the process of talking too much.

Also, I kind of doubt SRK is the best place to get personal advice.

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A Blowjob.


Tell 'em straight out


… easiest way to shut someone up is to stop listening to him. When he is done talking ask him “what did you say?” and continue to not listen again.

If he’s talking dumb shit around a girl, well that makes you look better.


Pull him off to the side (but not very far), whisper in his ear, “I swear to fucking GOD above and Satan below, if you don’t shut the fuck up and show some couth, I will punch you in the fucking throat.”

If you can back up this threat, one of two things will happen:
You lose and annoying friend.
You lose the annoying part of a friend.




Chaos Control a hoe.


Just tell him you can’t keep chatting because you gotta do whatever it is you need to do. Like for the project, tell him you need to stop talking and you gotta get working on the project.

Sometimes you just have to cut your friends off and stress your priorities, even if it’s something as simple as a conversation getting too long and holding you back.


Dick in the mouth…


Back in high school, some of my friends wouldnt hang out with me in public because they said I was too ugly and it would scare away the hot chicks looking for quick sex. My beard was too scary they said.

Needless to say, those assholes aint my friends no more.


sometimes people dont TALK ENOUGH. And that shit bothers the hell out of me. We are in a middle of a potential conversation, then bam, homie get socially awkward and doesnt say shit for like 40 mins., then he say somethin but its awkward as hell. I wanna help that nigga out(he ugly tho lol but he good news)


You have friends?


Shoot them in the God dayum mouth!

Stupid people fuckin ramble and you gotta let them believe their own shyt sometimes!
If he doesn’t know what he is talking about or doesn’t even make sense, then he fuckin sucks…
Its usually not annoying when mother fuckers speak, hahahaha…
Unless he is douche, then your fucked brah!

Dnt fuckin listen
Niggas only be speakin money round me nigga! half them got piccassos comin outta thir mouth!

PS< he is cock blocking you or making you look gay you to talk to girls!


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