Getting SSFIV and MvC3 in a few weeks, can I learn anything now?

So I started watching SSFIV a few months ago and got really into it, since I’m broke as fuck I’m having to wait until my birthday to get the games and a fightstick. So is there anything I can do now besides spectating that would help me when I start playing?

you can get third strike for your computer and practice dashing, the timing for canceling normals into specials, blocking (not pressing buttons) a few other things. you could practice more if you already had your stick. Maybe you could get a cheap used one from ebay to practice specials (as long as your character is in both) ex moves and supers, until you get your real stick

I’ll definitely get third strike right away but like I said I’m broke and I’m getting the games with the fightstick anyways.

you could go to your friend’s house & practice on their systems/joysticks,eh?!

Third Strike is free…I dont think i understand your response

I would say to start watching tutorial videos on the GAME mechanics of SSF4 (start w/ SSF4 before you start with Marvel) Learn the EX system, chains, links, cancels, etc. I would HIGHLY, HIIGHLY recommend watching VesperArcades tutorial videos on YouTube. He goes really in-depth with the game. You will learn A LOT by watching those tutorials. Watch as many videos as you can. But once you get the game, PLAY. You’ll only get better by playing (tutorials give you a good understanding of what to do, and why) Hope that helps…

Yeah, I’m in your situation, JUST got my stick/SS4/MvC3 all together, newbie coming to give everyone free wins! But I really didn’t do anything but watch some youtube vids just to get an idea of what character I wanted to devote my time on learning, at this point its just picking a character you think you’ll enjoy and follow through.

get third strike or super turbo for ggpo and play online