Getting Started, Moving Ahead

Hey all,

First post here. Haven’t really been looking at a lot other than the Cody video thread, which has a ton of great information (and I am thankful)

Just got this game maybe a month ago and trying to get better, never really dabbled in fighting games competitively before. Just had one question -

Right now I play on PS3 with a pad, and it’s basically what I prefer. If I were to ever try and go to a tournament, would I have to learn to play on a stick? Most tourneys are on 360, right? (and the 360 d-pad is evil, why I switched to PS3 for this game)

I suppose I just need to bite the bullet and get a stick, then? Hoping someone with good experience can lead me in the right direction.

Hope I can eventually make some positive posts on here once I get my feet wet.

All the best,

i think most tourneys are ps3, but it really depends on who running the whole thing. No you do not have to learn how to play a stick, there are many pad users that can enter tourneys, but my personal experience i love playing on a sitck and i can never go back to using a pad.

oh little a tip your going to lose a lot, i still lose a lot haha. course it does not help that use gen and ibuki with my skills haha.

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Most tournaments I have been to in CT are on 360. If you go down to NYC or go to Wall’s in RI, they are usually on PS3

Also, 360 Analog > PS3 anything.

Look here