Getting Started with the Commander

I’ve had Skullgirls for a while now, but using Parasoul proficiently has managed to evade me. I’m asking for beginner’s help with her, so i can possibly add her to either a Mrs. Fortune/ Parasoul or Valentine/ Parasoul team. Any and all help will be much appreciated.

What specifically are you having trouble with?

thanks for responding. i’m having trouble with any of her post launch combos (or in-air), as well as using napalm shot/tear in a combo. to me brutally honest, i genuinely don’t understand about 50% of her tools, and would love to learn a bit more about her playstyle.

I don’t know your level of play so here is a bunch of my thoughts about the character.

Parasoul can do at least a little bit of any style. Her keep away is really only possible with specific assists but it’s probably her weakest assest anyway. When it comes to playing defensively she mostly uses her projectiles to control space and predict/observe which way her opponent moves so that she can respond with her gigantic ranged normals. Her normals have the best range in the game, even her jabs are big.

She is a very good offense character with some really good pressure (from napalm shot and tear toss). Her light punch charge move (egret call) cancels the animation of whatever move she is currently doing and thus making her completely safe. It can also be used during her throw so she can get better combos out of it.

Her command lows (F+MP) and overheads (F+LP and B+HK) are great for mix-ups and resets. F.+mp looks weird but it is a long range low that doesn’t knock the opponent down so it can start combos unlike her sweep (which is good too)

Her Egret dive (charge back mk) and Egret charge (charge back HK) are great at helping her deal with projectiles

She has a lot of good assists but the most common ones are Napalm Pillar, Napalm shot (light or heavy), and egret charge. Just these three assists alone make her work on any spot of a team.

Her air combos can be a little difficult based on how long you wait to hit again after the launcher. Also she needs different starters for air combos on heavy characters (Cerebella and Double) For using her charge moves in combos the only I can really think of is that you should remember that it only takes about half of a second for her to charge (much faster than in most other fighting games).

An simple midsrceen combo (I’m writing this off the top of my head so you may need to adjust it):
cr.LK, cr.MK, cr.HP, jump j.MP, j.HP, j.HK, (land) st.MP, st.HP, st.HP xx lp shot, st.LP, st.MP xx egret call, dash st.MK, st.HP, st.HP xx mp. Shot xx sniper super

for heavy characters after cr.HP you want to wait a bit and then do j.LP, j.LK, j.MP (land) j.MK, j.HK

Here is Parsoul’s page on the wiki for reference: