Getting Started?


For the past year or so I have been playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl while at college. Now that I’m back home I’m picking up SSF4 and a fight stick because I want to learn this game and I want to be good. To me the most fun thing about fighters is learning the game and getting to the point where you can beat most if not all your challengers.

So how should I go about learning this game, as I know it’s totally different than Smash so I’m pretty much starting fresh.


C’mon man, take a look around the site. This is the name of some threads on page 1:

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How’d you learn to play Smash? It’s pretty much the same thing (blasphemous on here, I know).

Play other people. See why they’re beating you. Analyze. Learn your move’s spacing. Learn spacing for your character. Learn your combos, your punishes, mind games, etc. If you were a casual button masher in Smash, you’ll probably be one here too.