Getting taunted and destroyed every fight now

Well now it’s just normal to expect to lose and every match I play, someone taunts me and makes me just want to quit. No matter how long I practice every day, I seem to be getting worse than when I just spammed shoryukens. Is it because I’m using a controller? Maybe its because I’m using Evil Ryu? I just fail at everything in life lately and I have a feeling it’s because this game stole my confidence.

This probably belongs in the Newbie Dojo section.

You’re not losing because of the controller or because of your character. You’re losing because you’re making too many mistakes in the matchups. The first step towards improving at fighting games is realizing that it’s your own fault, and the second step would be to analyze what mistakes you’re making that causes your loss.

Stop feeling down and start grinding. Really pay attention to your matches and learn to identify key moments where you ate damage from your opponent. It can be as simple as you’re jumping too much, or you’re spamming too many dumb and unsafe special moves, or you’re pressing too many buttons whenever you’re in block stun. Once you figure out what your main problem is, then we can start to help you out by giving you advice.

Until then, this is just a blog post.

Here’s what you do:

Pick Dan and back-dash. The entire match. That way when they taunt you it’s actually funny.

Then, after you start laughing and realize it’s just a game and no reason to lose confidence, go back to Evil Ryu if you want to play him and work on fundamentals. It sounds like if people are taunting you, they are probably getting a lot of free hits on you. Try playing a few matches where you focus entirely on blocking. High and Low. Slow it down and block, then throw in some punishes after you block.Know what your normal moves are, and practice your punishes and combos. Try different characters, too. Maybe a charge character could work better for your play style? You’ll get there. The thing about Street Fighter is that there are a lot of plateaus, but the more you practice, you can get to that next level. It takes patience.