Getting that counter-hit

I know the benefits of a counter-hit, but how exactly do you get a counter-hit poke in order to start a combo? Do I wait for the opponent to stick out his/her hitbox with a poke then use my poke to start the combo?


  1. You get lucky
  2. You quickly counter poke
  3. Use use a frame trap

To get a good frame trap, you so something that essentially puts both of you at a near neutral position, and then somehow bait them to attack , but at nearly the same time you use you attack and you can beat out the opponent because A: after whatever you did prior, you are a few frames ahead of your opponent so you’re attack will come out a frame or two ahead of theirs, thus stuffing it as it is coming out or B: you just attack with something faster (opponent does c mk, you do jab)

A good example of this is after balrog does a rush punch. After it is hit, rog will easily be able to counterhit nearly any enemy attack because his jab is so fast, so he will stuff the opponent’s attack as it comes out and score a counter hit. There aren’t a lot of uses for counter hit combos in SF4 (damn just realised that you never specified a game… Ill assume it’s SF4) and setting up a counter hit combos is very hard so yo will rarely see a use from them. Its all just baiting an attack and using frame advantage/invincibility to stuff it.

You need your attack’s active period (the time where it can make a hit, like the fist is out) to stuff your opponent’s attack during its startup period (the time before it can make a hit, like the arm is reaching forward). That’s what a counter-hit is. Some games do not give any additional benefits for CH’s (usually there will be no specific pop-up message indicating a CH has happened) but many, including SF4, do (usually there will be a pop-up message that indicates a CH has occurred).

To actually make this happen for yourself against an opponent, it’s going to take either some “psychic” footsies (you made a very smart prediction) from you, or a specific “frame trap” setup. A frame trap is a devious little situation that you’ve crafted, usually through some combination of spacing and frame advantage after blockstun (you recover before they recover), where your opponent is likely to stick something out (he pressed a button) but you nip it with something that will hit sooner than his does.

edit: Jdude is right, but don’t expect to “get lucky” with any consistency, and don’t expect a strong opponent to give you many opportunities to CH a move of theirs on reaction (generally implies they’re kindly spamming something that is slow to start up in less-than-optimal) unless they’ve grossly underestimated you (which they probably won’t do again once you’ve demonstrated to them that you’re sharp). Not that you’ll never get the chance! You can absolutely use tactics to encourage it, just don’t base your whole strategy around it. Even decent players will hand you goodies from time to time, but you can’t form a universally solid gameplan around the hope that everyone’s going to give you freebies.

You can’t really react to get a counterhit. Vs. some attacks, like a focus or something, sure, but not a jab or strong. Counterhit has to hit on the attacks active frames. It’s mostly setups, like has been said. Another good example besides rog would be ken’s f+mk. After ken does this, the opponent can jab to stop his kara throw or Ken can also kara fp uppercut if he thinks you’re going to do this and get a counterhit into full ultra. You need to look for spots where you’re safe, but your opponent will want to press a button. Chun’s Hasansu on block/hit. Honda’s butt slam on block. Rufus’s galactic tornado on block. This stuff is all safe, but some people still want to push buttons after it. If you can read it, you can counterhit them.

Kind of on topic, kinda off topic, but I’ve got a question about counterpoking (not necessarily for the CH) and don’t really want to make a seperate thread for it.

Basically my question is this: is counterpoking done on reaction, or is it more about the setup?

I know that sometimes you can counterpoke on reaction during footsies, like when dude whiffs a sweep and you sweep him back – I can manage this (somewhat). But like, if Ryu whiffs c.forward, are alot of players able to poke that back on reaction? Is that something I should consider training? I mean, presently, the only way I can really “react” to a c.forward (or whatever medium poke) is if I do a blockstring that puts me just outside its range… I expect it to come, so I can (sometimes) counterpoke it when it does. But if dude just straight up whiffs c.forward randomly, I cant just react to it like that.

Whats the deal with counterpoking?

Counter hit… this is what you want.

fish with couching jabs/or standing one… See the counter Hit… finish with a medium or heavy move to fininsh your combo.

YO! You need to have a watch full eye… Press every move with an Intent to score… See the count hit… then follow up. Counter hits give you more time to hit confirm.

YOU Can do a move that gives character your character + frames and then when you have the advantage follow up with the next attack… If your opponent presses a button you can score your counter hit.

IF Your opponent wiffs anything you should be able to punish… if your within range… Go to training mode, set dummy to Rec… Have the dummy wiff what ever… come up with the punishment answer. practice Wiff punishing.

IF your opponet is spamming a normal/special there is answer for that too…

DO This… Go to Training mode…

SET the CPU to Dummy REC.

Use Dhalsim as dummy have him spam crouching fierce as fast as you can.

Practice countering that move… with one your moves.

This how you counter poke.

If you get a counter hit… you got yourself a counter poke.
(sorry Aturo)

You can come up with counter pokes for every character vs every character moves. Its up to you to do the work though. have fun.

you can punish just about every wiff in the game… even jabs and normal throw wiff too.:coffee:

Even the almighty c.MK???

Yea, I didn’t read all of what no defence said, but for the most part not all counter pokes or whiff punishes are done on reaction. Most times I will sit just out of range of say ryu’s and jab infrequently to get him to stick out a leg and try and counter poke me. More often than not my c.lp will hit ryu before the active frames of his start; causing a counter hit to occur. If I’m using balrog i can then follow up with a sweep. If I’m using gief, rufus, sagat, a shoto, etc. I can try option select poking where if my opponent sticks a limb out, I can input a counter poke (depends on the character, but for this example say Gief) option select by pressing and immediatley buffer into EX green hand. If the connects the ex green hand will connect, if the whiffs, nothing happens. Similar option selects can be applied with shotos by doing or xx fireball or with rufus and sagat c.lp EX GT or fireball.

Yes, it recovers quickly but can still punish with the right timing or if you mash out dp! I kept trying to wiffed jab dp’s today but kept getting hit by another dp getting mashed out

I get srk’d everytime I even miss a link online. Goddamn Kens. Makes me afraid to even do any link combos.