Getting that five bars

So friend of mine made this video concerning the new TAC dash tech. Could be used for good.


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that team is so dirty haha. Get hit once by zero and you already pretty much have 5 bars guaranteed. Also if you put phoenix out once your close to 5 bars you force your opponent to waste level 1 xfactor to do the japanese tech if they know how to do it. And it’s not so bad becuase if you scout out the tech and block it then they waste their xfactor level 1. And if it works they still have to deal w/ dark zero/morrigan (bullet hell)

Sorry but what is the TAC dash tech? Some way of guaranteeing that the Down TAC always works?

It’s a way to mixup the exchange you are actually trying to get. If you have Phoenix on your team, your opponent will be looking for you to do a down exchange for meter. So your opponent will be mashing Down+S. With the TAC glitch you can input a side exchange cancel it with an air dash or buster shot to a down exchange.

The opponent can only guess 1 TAC and has to wait 15 frames to guess again.

So in the above video the opponent is Mashing “Down+S” the entire time. But I use a side exchange to hide my real intention of getting a down exchange.

If your opponent is wise to this glitch then they have the option to not guess on the first TAC and guess on the second one causing a counter. If you see they are doing this then make your first TAC a down one and don’t cancel it.

Watch ProzacStylings TAC Video for a better explanation if needed.

So it’s basically using the very same TAC glitch used against Jean but now turned *upon *her enemies… I like it.

[LEFT]Dark Phoenix + Healing Field + Level 3 X-Factor.[/LEFT]

wesker haggar phoenix ftw

Team vanilla represent :smiley: