Getting the art NOT to rotate in Seimitsu buttons

I have custom artwork for my clear seimitsu buttons, but no matter how much I tighten the screws for the buttons, the artwork rotates and is off center with the rest of the artwork for the stick. I’ve tried taping the artwork onto the underside of the buttons, but they still rotate after play.

Any ideas on getting the button artwork not to rotate?

Mine do this occasionally, I thought about trying to put some glue from a little glue stick under it.

I’ve read a few tutorials that say you should use a gluestick or something similar to glue it to the colored plastic piece. (the piece you take out so you can put the art in)

Elmer’s glue or double sided tape. Glue has been working just fine for me, but I think I’m going to try tape next time, it should hold a bit better and make it easier to trim the paper to the exact width I need.

I would try a dab of rubber cement. It is thicker and removable. Might work better.

How would the art rotate? Either by the artwork IN the buttons not being stable or if the button itself turned right? Hmm… this is frustrating, trying to tape the artwork on the plunger itself doesn’t seem to handle the problem. Mayb it isn’t screwed on enough as I thought it was. I’ll try the rubber cement idea. Thx

thicken the art, glue it to the back of a thick stock paper or a thin cardboard…

I use arthongs cut outs, When I do that the part of the art inside the button… is actually a little bigger so i have to push it in and the sides of the art bend onto the sides of the cap, i guess this holds it in place since i’ve never had an issue with the art rotating.

simply put: Vibration from tapping
a glue stick (as mentioned) is a perfect option for your existing setup and will be the easiest to remove down the line should you choose to change the artwork.

This is a good point as well. Whenever using clear buttons, I do leave a little excess as well to achive that snug fit. After a test fit if your piece is too big you can just use the circular recess as a guide and trim as needed :slight_smile:

you could try a very thin slab of blutak.

blutak holds stronger the longer it is in place.
when it is squished into place it is like concrete.

I wish Semitsu would make the snap in ones again!