Getting the hang of arcade sticks

I would just like to know how long it took you guys to get used to your sticks. I recently got the Collectors Edition SF 4 TE stick. Its my first one, and I already read about how your execution will be off when you first use it. I had been playing exclusively on my keyboard the past months on MAME, so yeah, its pretty weird. But I did have a question about the stick, Im not sure if its an octagon or not. I noticed that the only corners I feel on it are in the diagonal sections, but there are none in the Up, Down, Right or Left areas. Is that how octagonal sticks are or do I just have a different version? I find myself jumping up at times when im just trying to do a basic QCF or QCB motion because the only direction that I can “feel” is the DF or DB, which leads me to going farther than required. I guess it’ll just take me time to get used to it, I have to, I can’t spend $140 just for nothing :rofl:

And on another note, does anyone here who plays Blazblue CS go thru the ENTIRE tutorial?

You have a square-gate, which is standard on the MadCatz sticks.

Octo-gates tend to reinforce bad execution habits.

It’s taken me about 2 weeks to get used to it (couple hours a night, give or take a couple days)

Ya, Im thinkin about just playing nothing but MvC 2 from now on, forget the other 5 games I have. Lol. Maybe 2-3 hours a day, I have alot of time on my hands. I should get used to it soon.

yeah just keep practicing. i try not to worry about the edges since the square gate it feels like its smooth. only advice i can give is you already know the motion just execute it and let it ride. i love square gates. yeah my first stick was a hori on ps2 i spent hours on sf3rd strike and kof xi back then to get use to the stick.

Growing up on cabinet machines (since Street Fighter II back when I lived in Brooklyn), it didn’t take me long to adjust to the SFIV TE Stick. Give it time… that’s all it takes. Time and practice.

My Round 2 TE stick will be coming in the mail tomorrow, and it will also be my first arcade stick =D

I can’t wait to learn how to get good at using it. Plus I have alot of Mame games I want to use it with xD

I got my MadCatz Chun-Li Limited Edition TE “S” stick a while back, and that thing is godlike.

I still haven’t even plugged it in. I’ve taken it out of the box twice.

it took me about a month to get used to using a stick. i also made the most progress when I was playing Hd Remix or 3s which dont have the input leniency like SF4 does.

@NinjaGuerra, did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:

You should. I normally hate sanwa buttons with a passion Seimitsu whore but goddamn that stick plays like a dream.

I can’t imagine why it would be different from another TE “S” stick. I have a TE “S”, in addition to the Chun stick.

use your stick for other games, too. during the 80s and 90s most video games in arcades used joysticks, so transitioning to sf2 or other fighting games went smoothly for arcade goers. play xbla, wii downloads, or emulated games using your joystick. play older, simpler execution based games you’re familiar with like mario or double dragon, as well as games you’ve barely played or never played like yoshi’s island or something - for rewriting muscle memory and training new muscle memory. it really just takes time, but playing other games might help keep it fresh and less frustrating

To be honest, I think it’s the size compared to the normal TE. Plus lenticular feels nice on your hands (Unless you’re my other half who wants it gone because of the scratching sound).

Not sure but I prefer the TE-S to the TE.