Getting the last hit of the Hard Drive to connect

Is there any reliable way to get the last hit of Sent’s Hard Drive to connect? I was messing around in practice and ended up doing something like this:

In corner:

launch, lp, lk, lp, lk, Hard Drive, (OTG, 2 hit) XX lp Rocket Punch XX HSF, dash in, launch into whatev

But the only reason I got it to work is because I got the last hit of the HD to connect. Is there some sort of timing thing, or is it just random luck?

I hope you don’t plan to do that in a match.

No, actually, I don’t, but it would be nice to know.

you wanna aim for a setup that doesn’t need an otg, since it’s almost impossible to hit someone with an OTG from sent.

c.LK-s.LPxxRPxxHSF, dash, s.LK-s.LP, tigerknee hard drive ->

after this you can try and repeat the s.LK-s.LP, tk HD

or just do s.LK-s.LP /\ aircombo

damn dawg…is that almost an inf.? i never seen that before…do some shit like that in a match imma flip…:looney:

yeah it’s almost a semi-inf (supers), i don’t know what characters it can be repeated on. its always gonna be smarter to just repeat HSFs instead

one cool thing… if you catch both characters in this… and the point is pretty low, right after you land from hard drive mash out a ball super, point gets killed, assist gets hit and flys super high when it ends from there you can do anything on their assist.