Getting thrased by friends Akuma mixup game

I’am a Dudley player and I’am getting destroyed by his akuma. His mixup game is pretty good. It’s hard to predict his move set from time to time. Any tips. Btw of tried the whole parry and punish thing. It doesn’t work. At least on him any ways. Any tips on how to survive against a good akuma player?:grrr::chainsaw:

Thanks man. Peace.

ex upper everyday!!! and pray

if ur dudley its actually easy as he takes quite a bit of dmg

im guessing he do the air fireball and mix it up right
whenever u can just forward dash and punish him whenever u can

the best is to get him down on the floor and let him have a taste of the mixup game, which dudley is best at, learn to hit confirm and u’ll destroy him, make sure u put pressure on him and not the other way around.


I usually prefer to wait a split second before I decide to mix anything up on Gouki when he’s OTG. Gouki just has many wake-up options and you need to be very wary of his meter.

Longshot’s info is good. Another thing you might want to try and practice is Dudley’s ducking xx super as Gouki jumps in or attempts a demon flip mix-up.

or ssb xx super.

Dudley is a momentum character. If you let Akuma control the match, you will lose. You have to be on the offensive in this matchup, because Akuma’s mixups are so good and his damage is great. However, if he does get you in the corner or start rushing you down, don’t just take a huge risk. You have to block until you see an opening, then take advantage of the knockdown you just got.

Meaty overhead, sweep,, or beats his shoryu, I believe.

You can beat a tatsu with cr.fp easy if he’s just throwing it out randomly.

I prefer Rocket Uppercut in this matchup because it actually works as a decent anti-air. If you know the spacing, you can usually get the full version versus anti-air. And then you just took off at least half of Akuma’s life.