Getting thrown on standup

i keep getting thrown on stand up, people stand right on top of me and as i stand up they throw me, i cant dp+k out of it either i tried teching but then i get srk’ed

idk for some reason tech throwing for me with fuerte is harder for some reason… dont mash jab, and maybe they notice ur jab mashing, and den they took advantaged and SRk’d u

yeah teching is tough i can do it fine with vega and abel but with elf i feel like my hands go through the opponents face half the time instead of teching the throw or straight up throwing, itself.
i dont mash jab i try to tech the throw i dont think they can see that if im laying on the ground starting to get up

This could have been asked in the Q & A thread.

The 50/50 guessing game like this is VERY EASY. Block Low, and have your fingers ready on LP +LK over heads are slow, so you can react with LP, and if you see a grab then bang insta-tech.

you also have EX Run. Use it.

Lag tactics, ftw…

I never find this to be a problem unless the game is laggy.

sorry about not putting it in the q & a section but i found with everyone else asking questions on top of mine sometimes questions get skipped over and if there is more than one person answering or discussing it it gets really messy, kind of defeats the purpose of inventing forums instead of message boards too…

anyway ive found i have a hard time blocking or teching

if im holding block as i stand up and they throw me i usually get thrown weather or not i tech
by this i mean, i see the animation start or ‘feel’ the throw coming and i hit throw, it feels like i just get ignored and then the opponents throw goes through.

and again, its not like i can’t tech… i tech all the time with vega. but with fuerte its like they change the rules on me

… This is your second post with a random question that needs to go in the Q&A thread… Making me mad…

Someone will answer you. There are more than enough willing people here to do so…

To get out of a throw, you can back dash on wakeup. or ex guac. lk guac will get you out of it too, but not safe when you land.

Ex guac isn’t safe when you land either, my advice to you is to block and tech when you see the throw. Unless you’re online. Then my advice to you is not to get knocked down cause you’re gonna die if the other guy knows the matchup. Fuerte suffers real, real bad from lag when he is on defense. People can really just throw you to death.

Well if you’re going to go that route, then technically all of fuerte’s options are not safe on wakeup… :stuck_out_tongue: But I was just answering technically ways how to get out of throw, since he asked. Obviously the best way, electric cobra, is to tech.

If they’ve started doing a move on your wake-up, ex guac can be relatively safe, but a lot of people these days seem to try and bait the ex guac so they can punish it with a sweep.

if you know there gonna throw just backdash