Getting to know your Anti Airs. (For the Newer Juri players)



I’m sure there is something like this already on the board, but i thought i post it once again to help newer juri players realize what their options are for stopping the jump ins/dive kicks.

Before we begin on anything, realize Juri’s anti airs are all situational. Some of her anti airs are better than most, but they come down to what you like to use and what situation you’re in…
Her best Anti Airs are…
Far standing mk.

Both of these moves are great and stuff a lot of moves. They are basically her most practical and the ones i use the most. Cr. Mp has a huge hit box and far standing mk is just juri’s best move for controlling space…if only they’d make the move sp cancelable, she’d be easily high b tier…but i digress, moving on… is great for jump-ins of all sorts. you can option-select it in case your opponent tries a jump in on you on a fake grab.
Far standing mk is great for knocking ppl out of the air on jump ins and is great to use online when lag can really make stopping a simple jump in difficult. It is also a great tool for poking as well and stoping opponents from jumping away in the corner.

Some other of Juri’s anti airs are…

standing hp and far standing hk

Its best to use them when you see your opponent begin the jump in towards you. Doing them a second late means you get stuffed or take a bad trade. (you’ll get counter hit)

Cr. Hp and far standing mp.
Both are pretty great anti airs in terms of stopping airborne characters.

Cr. Hp does more damage than cr. mp and stops a character’s their jump in. You use that move to make ppl respect you so they don’t do stupid jump ins. It can also catch the butt of a person crossing you up. It’s a great tool in juri’s arsenal of anti airs.

Far standing mp is great to use when you’re walking forward on someone while they’re jumping in. I under use this move only cause far standing mk is godlike, but it’s a anti air that shouldn’t be overlooked. This move is great because it moves Juri forward a good amount and closes the space your opponent has to move in.

I’ve covered the basic ground anti airs now I’ll go over her other air anti airs.

Now for other anti airs…
Neutral mk, Neutral hk and Neutral HP
N. Mk comes out fast and stuffs most jump in. You pretty much can do this move on reaction to own the air space around you.
N. hk is great for stuffing jump-ins and is a great meaty option to use on opponents.
N. hp is best utilized to stop counter jump ins on your as you’re going down to the ground. So if you jump up and your opponent reacts with a jump in you can use hp to catch them as they try to hit you out of the air.

You also have jump forward attacks which you can use to anti air your opponent.
FJ. Mp is great because if you catch your opponent you can juggle them into another or whatever you desire to.
FJ. Mk is great because she extends her leg forward and the active frames can catch opponents beginning their jump in.
I tend to like using FJ. Lk because it comes out quick and can give you a chance for mix up since it leaves your opponent hovering in hurt recovery frames and you can dash right under them.

Now for more obscure anti airs.

Fuhajin Anti airs…
You’re all well aware of hk fuhajin stuffing jump ins but you can use mk as nice anti are also. Mid travels a bit slower than low kick fireball, it also can cause a fuzzy guard which can still opponents while they’re in the air. Its so common for me to see opponents try a jump in hoping to avoid mk fireball but landing on it or having to block instantly to avoid damage, which is great for you because you lock them down.
Mk ex also travels extremely slowly and again your opponent will miss judge it and still get hit twice by it. In the case of them getting it by it while jumping in, it will also juggle them which gives you space to move in on them while they’re in a juggle state. (This means the fireball will hit twice and slowly push them backwards)
I don’t mention hk fireball because it’s a given its an anti air.

More obscure anti airs.
Lk pinwheel and dive kicks
The lk pinwheel is great to use on jump in and you can juggle your opponent into a fadc u2. To use it effectively requires spacing and timing. If you do hit it you can use that chance while they’re in the air to do another quick lk pin to build meter or move forward on your opponent to close space, the choice is yours.

For dive kicks to work effectively as an anti air, you want to jump up and bait your opponent to jump up. If you can do that, you can hit them with a dive kick. Your opponent can’t block the hit so you’re free to land it.

Risky Anti air
Ultra 2 nuff said. It can catch opponents who don’t safe jump correctly. It can also punish neutral jump. U2 Doesn’t work if sakura or Vega are neutral jumping, they’ll stuff your ass as you U2. Use it with discretion…(Best used after Jf. Mp)

Well that’s all I have for you all. If you have any questions hit up the Q&A page on the juri boards, loads of info in there for Juris of all levels.

Thanks for reading and hope this helps you out! If i messed up anything or missed on any secret anti air, I’m sorry ahead of time.


Oh forgot to add two other risky anti airs.
Close standing hk and close standing hp
Both aren’t worth the risk so don’t even try it. Timing needs to be godlike and your opponent pretty much just has to jump in on you and not do a move.


i didnt see you mention JF HP

that knock down leg, i’ve used it with some success, but it seems to trade hits more often than not, any advice on how to go air to air with JF HP?


You dont go air to air with JF HP unless your above the person. Its hitbox is downward and somewhat infront of her. ONce they’re at equal heights, it doesn’t work.


You can also use Ex pinwheel to stop anti airs and cross ups, but i would put in the category of risky anti airs. Don’t get into a habit of using it, it is a very punishable move, especially if your opponent safe jumps, you’re eating an ultra.

#6 is good because it resets people on the air and if they are close enough you can dash forward and get behind them…