Getting uppercut instead of teleport

This is getting really annoying even while concentrating on inputs i still get uppercuts, why can’t they just have is as x2 punch??

Because you’d get an ex srk? Come on now buddy

If you try to do a negative edge DP+PPP teleport, you will get SRK btw.

He’s suggesting why couldn’t the inputs be either: 1) pressing 2 punch buttons simultaneously or 2) pressing 1 punch button twice really fast.

This is actually sounds pretty decent tbh. How did you pull “ex srk” out of your arse?

How do you know what he’s suggesting?

Because teleport motion = same as SRK motion, SRK motion + 2 punch buttons simultaniously = EX SRK

keep up

Get raped lol.

No I meant why can’t 2x punch be Ex SRK and x3 be teleport and ultra.

check your button inputs?? button configurations?

Isn’t it already?

:dp: + :2p: = EX Shoryuken
:dp: + :3p: = Teleport
:qcf: (x2) + :3p: = Ultra I (Tandem Stream)

If this is giving you trouble, I suppose you could try using the triple-kick variants of Seth’s teleport:

:dp: or :bdp: + :3k: = Advancing/Retreating teleport.

…Although the 3K versions have completely different uses, they do not suffer from move overlap like the 3P versions. Maybe you’re just doing those wrong?

but 3P teleport sends you behind them, something the kicks can’t do. hey OP are you playing on pad?

I do this on pad fine. Just go into training mode and watch your inputs. If they’re perfect your probably pressing PPP too early and using negative edge which your not allowed to do.

Mother of god I have the same problem, especially on wake ups.

I try to teleport out of the block string and I end up making a Shoryuken.

And sometimes when I try to pull the U1 I do a teleport.

Same old bugs that they never addressed.

It’s not a bug, it’s just overlapping inputs.